Audi A5 gets DPF delete and remap

Last week we had a beautiful, shiny red Audi A5 in for a custom remap and DPF delete.

This car is the owners pride and joy and this is apparent when you see the car in the flesh. Having already visiting our workshop to have a chat about how the car would perform with the DPF delete, egr blank and custom remap, the car was booked in.

ade tuning dpf removal dpf deleteA Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. As you can see in the photograph the DPF on this Audi is quite large. The DPF delete was performed and the engine bay reassembled.


All the remaps we do at ADE Tuning are custom to that vehicle and this Audi was no different. The custom remap was written for it and then it was driven over to the 4wd dyno to see the results.

audi a5 dpf delete ade tuning

When the customer came to collect his car, Anthony took him out on a test drive to make sure he was happy with the results and he walked back in with a massive grin on his face 😀

Here’s the reason why…
AUDI A5 remap ade tuning

*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars

Custom ECU remap on BMW Alpina

This is the second custom ECU remap we have done on a BMW ALPINA and again we achieved some fantastic results.

To be fair I had never really heard about the ALPINA and had thought what could be so special about this model, well that was until I saw it.

There is no getting away from it’s distinctive styling and those familiar with ALPINAs will recognise all the normal styling cues. The front gets the low lip spoiler, which in this case has the ALPINA wording highlighted in black to contrast with the ALPINA silver paintwork. Whilst being functional the cars looks very low to the ground, which makes the front view of the car look very sporty and purposeful.

BMW Alpina remap ADE Tuning

From the side, the car is differentiated by a set of 19-inch ALPINA Classic wheels (the traditional 20-spoke alloys).
BMW Alpina remap ADE Tuning

The rear gets a boot lip spoiler, ALPINA and model designation, the normal 3 series bumper and a rather nice set of oval pipes protruding out of the passenger side of the car.

BMW Alpina remap ADE Tuning

The D3 engine starts life as the 2.0-litre four cylinder turbocharged diesel that you find in a normal 320d. ALPINA use a combination of other BMW model parts plus some of their own grown technology to breathe more life into the engine. From the 330d they use the exhaust half of its turbo. This is bigger and therefore can accommodate more airflow. They also use the 330d’s intercooler to accommodate the new engines thirst for cold air. From the 535d they use its injectors and finally, the inlet half of the turbo is a patented ALPINA/Garrett/ Honeywell unit.

And now this is where we start to use our magic. As standard the BMW ALPINA comes with 197bhp and 302lb/ft torque but with a custom ECU remap written on the in house dyno we gained 47bhp and 100lb/ft torque taking the BMW ALPINA to 244bhp with 402lb/ft.
BMW Alpina ecu remap ADE TuningBMW Alpina ecu remap ade tuning

Mitsubishi Evo 6 fully forged engine rebuild

Just one little pipe caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to this Mitsubishi Evo 6.

We rebuilt the engine in the Mitsubishi Evo 6 due to a fuel pressure regulator pipe failing and causing the engine to run extremely lean which resulted in two pistons being melted.
ADE Tuning Wiesco forged piston

As you can see in the picture it looks like absolutely nothing but the tiny split resulted in the car being off the road for months whilst parts such as the Wiesco Forged pistons where sourced from the USA. The engine block was re-bored and the whole engine was carefully rebuilt.

ADE Tuning wiesco forged pistons

Once we were happy the engine was running smoothly the car was given a custom ecu remap whilst on the dyno.

ADE Tuning custom ecu remapADE Tuning custom ecu remap





The Mitsubishi with the fully forged engine rebuild with a custom ECU remap made 427bhp with 445ft/lb torque.

What a beast 😉

A little bit of info on the Mitsubishi Evo 6

The Evolution VI’s changes mainly focused on cooling and engine durability. It received a larger intercooler, larger oil cooler, and new pistons, along with a titanium-aluminide turbine wheel for the RS model, which was a first in a production car. The Evolution VI received new bodywork yet again, with the most easily noticeable change being within the front bumper where the huge fog lights were reduced in size and moved to the corners for better airflow. A new model was added to the GSR and RS lineup; known as the RS2, it was an RS with a few of the GSR’s options. Another limited-edition RS was known as the RS Sprint, an RS tuned by Ralliart in the UK to be lighter and more powerful with 330 hp (246 kW).

Yet another special edition Evolution VI was released in 1999: the Tommi Mäkinen Edition, named after Finnish rally driver Tommi Mäkinen that had won Mitsubishi four WRC drivers championships. It featured a different front bumper, Red/Black Recaro seats (with embossed T. Mäkinen logo), 17″ Enkei white wheels, a leather Momo steering wheel and shift knob, a titanium turbine that spooled up more quickly, front upper strut brace, lowered ride height (with tarmac stages in mind), and a quicker steering ratio. Amongst other colours, the Evo VI came in either red (Tommi Mäkinen Edition only), white, blue, black or silver with optional special decals, replicating Tommi Mäkinen’s rally car’s colour scheme. This car is also sometimes referred to as an Evolution 6½, Evolution 6.5, or TME for short.

We are in Performance VW Magazine this month

GTi International 2014

Back in July we attended GTi International down at Shakespeare County Raceway.

It was there 27th show and the second time they had held the show at this venue. All pack up and with cars on trailers we headed off in convoy  to find out what the weekend had in store for us.
ADE Tuning van

We had a brilliant weekend with Sambo running his 600bhp 4wd VW Lupo down the strip for the first time ( no better place to try it out 😉 ), Paul Jordan ran in the MK1 VW Scirocco and did a good few early 9 second runs and Paul Bargate in his bright yellow Mk2 VW Scirocco definitely was heard before being seen.


Anyway, this morning I spotted Performance VW Magazine on the rack, so as you do I had a quick flick through the pages and behold I see the Berg Mk1 Golf and then Jordy’s Scirocco. I turned over the page and there is Sambo with the Lupo and Paul in the Scirocco! It’s a brilliant write up about GTi International and a great result for ADE Tuning to get four photos of the cars we tune and map in the article.

ADE Tuning Performance VW mag

ADE Tuning Performance VW Mag Berg golf

ADE Tuning Performance VW mag Paul Jordan

ADE Tuning Performance VW mag Paul Bargate

ADE Tuning Performance VW Mag 600bhp Lupo