Rolling Road Days

ADE Tuning Rolling Road Days

Are you a member of a car group?

Do you want to arrange your own rolling road day?

We are based in Lower Darwen which is nestled in between Darwen and Blackburn and in easy reach of the M6, M65 and M61. We have an in house 1200bhp Dynocom rolling road suitable for all 2wd vehicles. Our staff are true car enthusiasts and are passionate about all cars and are always ready to give advice.
ADE Tuning rollig road

We have ample parking for your members. We have a state of the art dyno viewing area with a big screen to watch the dyno on. We will provide refreshments throughout the day.ADE Tuning rolling road

Each vehicle that goes on the dyno will get 3 runs and a results print out which shows the BHP and torque.

We can even help market your event through our own website and social media.

Have a look at our last rolling road day we held in conjunction with Unphased here

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Corsa Rally car

Vauxhall Corsa Rally Car

ADE Tuning rally car tuning


When the phone rings and it’s a customer from the Isle of Man you know it’s going to be an interesting conversation.

The Corsa, a previous Manx Class A championship winning car, had been off the road for a full engine build in preparation for the start of this seasons event in March. The car owner and driver, Dave Gaggs and friend Andy Duggan loaded up the Corsa on the back of a trailer, got on the ferry and made their way over to ADE Tuning. After unloading the car it was put on the dyno to see how the engine rebuild was running.

Car Spec

Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 16v on dbilas throttle bodiesADE Tuning rally car tuning

– Saab 2 litre red injectors
– 2 litre Astra coilpack
– Omex 600 ECU
– ARP bolts
– Bill Falconer high lift cams
– Extra cut outs in the pistons for better valve clearance
– 5 speed Quaife straight cut close ratio box
– 70% Quaife LSD
– Aftermarket oil cooler
It is set up on Jumbo Bilsteins coilover suspension and also has a rear disc conversion and a hydraulic handbrake.

ADE Tuning rally car tuning

ADE Tuning rally car tuning

ADE Tuning rally car tuning

When the Corsa was first run on the dyno to look at the fuelling it produced 10bhp and the look on Dave’s face wasn’t a good one. But it was the first time the engine had been properly run and we hadn’t yet work our magic. After a long afternoon with plenty of brews, the sound of the car on the dyno became smoother and smoother and it now began to sound like a the rally car it is 🙂


The next morning…

With car already on the dyno Anthony set to work improving the engine set up with the fuel to air ratio to make this rally car ready for the first stage of the year.
ADE Tuning rally car tuning

After more dyno runs and setting up the Corsa Rally car achieved…
ADE Tuning rally car tuning

We wish Dave and his co-driver all the best and we will be following Dave in his Corsa Rally car to see how he gets on

DPF removal from Subaru Legacy

DPF removal in a Subaru Legacy

Subaru ADE Tuning DPF REmap
Towards the end of last year we had a phone call from a customer asking for advice as the DPF warning light kept illuminating on his Subaru Legacy. The light illuminates when the filter is trying to regenerate itself. This normally isn’t an issue but when the DPF is blocked it is unable to regenerate causing the car to go into limp mode or even worse it can cause damage to the car. We advised the customer that we could remove the DPF and use our software to tell the engine management that the DPF is no longer there and not to regenerate again. A few days before the customer was going to drop the Subaru off for the DPF removal the warning light went off so he called us up to cancel his workshop booking, he was advised that this was only a temporary fix and the light would illuminate again.

Fast forward a few weeks…

DPF warning light ade tuning

With the Subaru Legacy showing the DPF light again it was book back in for the DPF removal with the software and also a custom remap. The owner used the car for towing a horse trailer and had learned about our remap whilst looking at our website page ‘Better Towing with ADE Tuning’
Subaru ADE Tuning DPF REMAP
With the car in the workshop the process of physically removing the DPF began. Here at ADE Tuning we remove the innards of the DPF by cutting it open discretely, removing the block filter and welding the casing back up. When the car was back together the software for the DPF and custom remap was written.

The Subaru was test driven and taken over to the 4WD dyno as the customer was interested in the power gain. As standard the Subaru Legacy SE Boxer Estate produced 147bhp, after the custom remap written in house the car achieved 184bhp with 312ft/lb torque – a fantastic result!

Subaru Legacy ADE Tuning DPF Remap

Now let’s hope that the customer remembers he’s pulling his horse box 😉

*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars

Autosport International 2015


Here are some of our photographs from Autosport International 2015.
Read about our day at the show here

Autosport International 2015

ADE Tuning at Autosport International

I’ve never been to Autosport International before as I was told it was only for boys 😉 and to be fair I wasn’t over the moon about the mega early start. So when my alarm went off at 4.50am I was inclined to turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep, but I am so glad I didn’t.

For those of you who don’t know much about Autosport International here’s a quick catch up. Autosport International is an annual 4 day event motor show catering for both automotive industry professionals and motorsport fans who enjoy following and being close the sport. It is held at the NEC, in Birmingham and is open solely to trade on the Thursday and Friday. The weekend days are fully open to the public, allowing everyone to see the latest race cars that compete all over the world, savour exclusive launches, enjoy special discounted prices on many motorsport and car-related products, brush shoulders with top drivers and celebrities and relax in the company of other people who share the same interests and passions. All categories of track and off-road motor racing are represented, including Formula One, BTCC, 24 Hours of Le Mans and much more. The show also has a huge “Live Action Arena” where spectators can witness motorsport action indoors.

ade tuning autosport international

So with my pass pinned to my lapel and my camera round my neck I entered the show. Autosport International is a mass of different halls showing and selling different products and services from all over the world and to be fair it is rather overwhelming. As soon as you walk into the hall you instantly see multitudes of stall and demo cars and out the camera comes. Many of these cars are privately owned and are of course in concourse condition and are steeped in history. Just chatting to the some of the owners you can the pride in their faces.
ade tuning morgan A bespoke Morgan made for a very special customer.

ade tuning morgan

ade tuning morgan

But with so much to see you have to keep moving.
ade tuning alloys

ade tuning rollcage

ade tuning racing
We had a good chat with some of the lads on the stands in the Autosport Engineering hall and Autosport technical area and made some contacts that we will hopefully use in the future on the next project 😉
We even caught up with some of the lads from Milltek Sport and finally got to see the ‘New Classic’ Milltek range, which was presented on an immaculate VW Golf mk1 (a campaign edition too!).
ade tuning milltek sports classic

ade tuning milltek sports


After a quick pit stop to fill our tums it was soon time to head to the main arena for the Live Arena Action Show. Drift cars, London cabs racing, Hot Rods all mixed with smoke, strobe lighting and loud engines. It’s well worth a watch and a sit down (by now my feet where starting to throb).

Back in the hall where we found ourselves in the trade area. Here you can grab yourself a bargain as many of the stands offer a show discount and you can find the likes of Demon Tweaks, Quaife and Corbeau
ade tuning corbeauNew office chair?

After a long day of collecting lots of information, stickers and taking photographs it was nearly time to be heading back home when we walked past Shane Lynch, professional drift driver, best known as a member of Boyzone. In recent years he has taken up motor racing, Lynch raced a Marcos, TVR and then Mosler from 2002 to 2006 for the Eclipse Motorsport team in the British GT Championship, and came within a few laps of winning the 2003 British GT Championship at the last race of the season at Brands Hatch when he crashed into a spinning backmarker he was lapping. In 2005 he was involved with the ‘Christians in Motorsport’ team and competed in the British GT Championship Silverstone round. Lynch is now involved in drifting in The British Drift Championship, EDC series and Prodrift series for performance parts manufacturer & race team Team Japspeed In 2008 he was involved in an accident with team-mate Danny Eyles while drifting at Silverstone and, although he was not hurt at all, both Nissan Skyline cars were written off.
ade tuning drift racer shane lynch

I had a fantastic day, took loads of pictures, saw lots of very interesting cars, spoke to a lot of knowledgeable people and would recommend Autosport International to anyone.

Why not head over to have a look at the rest of the photographs we took here

I will be attending next year definitely – Rachael