Polo GTi custom remap on the dyno

VW Polo GTi

We had already fitted air ride to this immaculate VW Polo Gti for the customer, which gave it a perfect stanced look.

Air ride ADE Tuning Vw polo

Milltek Exhaust System

We also supplied and fitted a full Milltek turbo back de-cat stainless steel exhaust system. Which not only looked great on the car but sounded awesome with a real raspy growl.

Custom Remap

The customer had already made a few modifications himself to the car in preparation for the custom remap on the dyno. He had fitted an induction kit along with a Forge diverter valve. As with all our custom remaps we put the car on the dyno to find it’s standard power and this dyno run was done before the exhaust system was fitted. The car produced 157bhp with 187ft/lb torque.

After the Milltek exhaust system was fitted the VW Polo GTi went back on the dyno for the custom remap to be written. A final dyno run showed the custom remap result.


Dyno run ADE TuningDyno results pre Milltek and custom remap
ADE Tuning custom remap vw poloDyno results after custom remap and Milltek exhaust system

As you can see from the dyno results the power increase is immense and even though we ran it four times to get a consistent power reading, we ran it again
Dyno Custom remap ADE Tuning vw polo

Head over to our YouTube channel to watch footage of the VW Polo GTi on the dyno after the custom remap

Seat Leon Custom Remap

Custom remap on a Seat Leon FR TSi

Seat Leon Remap
If you attended the Unphased Rolling Road day last year you would have been lucky enough to see this Seat Leon FR Technology TSi on the dyno. The Leon when it came on that Sunday was running with a tuning box and the car produced a respectable 210bhp BUT the customer wanted more and after speaking to Anthony he booked the Seat Leon in for a custom remap.
remap seat leon fr tsi

Dyno time

A Seat Leon on leaving the factory to go to the main dealers forecourt would have 180bhp and by adding the tuning box the bhp was brought up to 210. This made it a keen car around town but ADE Tuning knew we could do better than “keen” 😉

We were asked by the customer to fit a few bits and this brought the car up to stage two modifications and then it went on the dyno.

As with all our custom remaps, the cars before remap power was found and the power it produced with the stage two modifications was 193bhp. We always dyno the cars to find the standard power because unlike some other “tuning” companies we like to show you where your power and torque has come from.

Seat Leon custom remap time

So the Seat Leon is on the dyno, it’s now time to write the custom remap. Each custom remap is written solely for that individual car and we take in to account the fuelling, timing and boost which allows us to get the safest amount of power out of the car.

The results

Seat Leon remap ade tuning

That’s a power gain of 70bhp and 100ft/lb torque, it’s no wonder the customer was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he came back in from the test drive 😉

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LDV Maxus remap

LDV Maxus remap on the dyno

ldv remap ade tuning

Today we had a LDV Maxus 3.5 tonne long wheel based panel van on the rolling road for custom remap.
This is probably one of the largest vehicles we have had on the rolling road but that didn’t stop us from working our magic.

As with all our custom remaps we ran the van on the rolling road to find out its power and torque before the remap was written. The owner wanted the remap to help improve his fuel consumption and also to give it a bit more grunt when going up hills etc.

LDV MAXUS REMAP ADE TUNINGBefore the custom remap

The remap was written on the dyno and a few runs were done to get the final figures.

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Citroen C2 custom remap

Custom remap on a Citroen C2 VTS 16v

Citroen C2 custom remap

Citroen C2 custom remap on the rolling road

In the workshop today we had a Citroen C2 VTS 16v for a Milltek fitting and a custom remap.
As with all our custom remaps the car is put on the dyno to find out what power it is already producing and for us to also check if the car has any issues before the custom remap is written.

The car goes on the dyno

Now this can be an exciting or a bit of a little bit nerve-racking for the customer especially if they have never had a car on the dyno before 😀
Luckily the customer could see everything that was happening to his car from the comfort of our viewing area and very soon his concerns where forgotten about.

After a few runs on the dyno to warm the car up and get an accurate bhp figure the car was ready for the custom remap. The Citroen C2 is a naturally aspirated engine and although a custom remap will help the car to gain extra power and torque it would never produce figures like a car with a turbo. But the customer understood this and wanted the custom remap for more drivability and mid-range power.

The results pre custom remap…

The Citroen C2 is coming up to being 6 years old this September and on it’s first few runs it produce 119bhp, out of the factory was 120bhp…only losing 1bhp! Now this is the sign of a well loved and regularly serviced car (the type of car and owner we love ;-))

Now for the final results

As with all our custom remaps we always do a few test runs on the dyno to get a true end figure and I think on this occasion I will let the results speak for themselves…
Citroen C2 custom remap

A great car with great results and a happy customer 😀

Milltek Classic Exhaust

It’s here! The Milltek Classic ExhaustMilltek Classic Exhaust ADE Tuning

Well you may remember in one of my last blogs that we saw the launch of the Milltek Classic range down at Autosports International last month. They had a fine example of a VW Golf on display with the exhaust system displayed next to it.
ADE Tuning Autosport International 2015

When I got into work the next day I went straight to the Milltek website to see what other systems they did and sadly they hadn’t updated their website 🙁

So you can imagine my excitement last Friday when an email from Milltek pinged into my mailbox saying that Milltek Classic was up and running 😀

Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTi 1976-1983Milltek Classic ADE Tuning

Audi UR Quattro 10v 1981-1989Milltek Classic ADE Tuning

Volkswagen Golf MK2 GTi 1984-1992Milltek Classic ADE Tuning

Also available…

BMW E36 325i and 328i 1991-1999
BMW E36 M3 3.0 and 3.2 1991-1999


Just by reading the information on the Milltek Classic website you get the feeling that they are true car enthusiast and that they felt the time was right to revisit these classic models and create a range of brand new products that bring the very best of current performance exhaust technology and mix it seamlessly with the demands of the modern classic car owner.


I’m a little bit gutted to tell the truth that the Mk1 that I currently own doesn’t need an new exhaust as I would most definitely be getting one if it did…or maybe this could be an excuse to get myself another little project 😉

Does that lucky lady in your life deserve a Milltek Classic?
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