Toyota Supra Custom Remap

The Toyota Supra has been around since 1978 and the styling was derived from the Toyota Celica but was slightly longer and wider and around 1986 the Supra became a model in its own rights.

580bhp Toyota Supra ADE Tuning
The Supra became an iconic car and featured frequently in video games, films and in music videos. The more notable being The Fast and Furious film series, which increase it popularity no end with everyone wanting one and also wanting to increase their performance and speed.

Here is where we come in…

We where approached by a customer who had a Toyota Supra that he had modified but couldn’t get to run properly. The Supra he brought in had the 2JZ engine with a Precision Turbo Kit (fitted by the customer) and was running on an ECUMaster EMU ECU.
580bhp Toyota Supra ADE Tuning

Dyno Time

The Supra was put on the dyno, as we do with all our custom remaps, to find what power it is producing and we use this time as well to look at the fuelling. The Toyota Supra made 180bhp on the dyno, along with a couple of pops and bangs. We then set to work to write a “live” map whilst the car is on the dyno and very soon the pops and bangs died away and all you could hear was the roar of the Supra engine coming into its own on the dyno.

Dyno Results

580bhp Toyota Supra ADE Tuning

Why not head over to our YouTube channel where you can watch footage of the Supra on the dyno.

Three Sisters Race Track

Three Sisters Time Attack

A few of us from ADE Tuning attend the Three Sisters Race track on Sunday, who were holding an open day in association with Owen Autobodies and drifters.
ADE Tuning drift event 3 sisters wigan

We made our way to the Three Sisters with ADE Tuning’s chief mechanic Mk 4 Ford Escort on the back of the trailer, hoping that the weather would stay dry then he could get some track time.
ADE Tuning mk4 Ford Escort




As we quickly set up our trade stand the grounds of Three Sisters soon began to fill up with many different varieties of cars. You could smell the aroma of car polish as the members of the club stands gave their pride and joys one last buff before the gates opened for the general public.
ADE Tuning subaru
There where plenty of Subaru’s but as we all know you can never have too many Subaru’s 😉



We soon got chatting to some of the car guys about there cars and engines, with there faces lighting up as they explain about the modifications they have done to there pride and joys.

We where joined by James, one of our customers, he owns a Rage R180 RT buggy. We mapped his Rage towards the end of last year and we thought we would treat him to a day out and a bit of track time. You will have seen James and his Rage Buggy if you attended our Rolling Road day last November and he is always a regular when we do track days at Oulton Park.

Throughout the day there was drift racing going on and from our stand all we could see was big clouds of smoke, so we thought it was time to have a wander over and see what all the fuss was about. I’ve only ever seen drifting on YouTube and I was absolutely amazed by the skill and timing of the drivers in these cars. At some points they were facing the track at 90 degrees and still going in the right direction.
ADE Tuning drift car

ADE Tuning drift car

ADE Tuning drift car



So we let the big boys have a play with their toys and then it was time for Chris and James to have some track time 😉 The Rage was built for the Three Sisters track and in the more than capable hands of James it was soon flying round the track passing everything and anything that was in its way. Not to far behind was Chris in his Mk4 Ford Escort and to say that it’s only pulling 110bhp, he sailed round the track like a true pro passing BMW’s, Mazda’s etc.

ADE Tuning RageADE Tuning Mini




We had a brilliant day, got to chat with lots of new people and we annihilated everything on the track in the Rage 😀
I would like to thank Lynn and all the guys at the Three Sisters for making us feel welcome and also a big thank you to Paul at PR Photography Cars for letting me use some of his amazing photos.