Fiat Uno Turbo

The Fiat Uno was a supermini car produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat.

The Uno was launched in 1983 and built in its homeland until 1995, with production still taking place in other countries for some years, with the final Uno built in Brazil in 2013.
Fiat Uno turbo ADE Tuning

The Uno was launched in January 1983 to replace the ageing Fiat 127, which itself had revolutionized the supermini market on its launch more than 10 years earlier. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro’s ItalDesign company, its tall, square body utilising a Kamm tail achieved a low drag coefficient of 0.34 won it much praise for airy interior space and fuel economy. Its tall car / high seating packaging is imitated by every small car today. It reversed the trend for lower and lower built cars. It showed that not just low sleek cars could be aerodynamic, but small, roomy, boxy well packaged cars could be too.

United Kingdom sales began in June 1983, with more than 20,000 being sold in its first full year on sale and peaking at more than 40,000 sales in 1988.

In April 1985 the hot hatch version of the first series Uno – the Uno Turbo i.e. – was launched as a 3-door only derivative. Despite marketing claims that it was fitted with an engine “specifically developed for turbocharging” the Turbo i.e. model actually used a Ritmo/Strada-derived 1.3 146-series engine with Bosch multi-point fuel injection.

The Turbo i.e. offered significant performance improvement over standard Uno models and was capable of reaching 124 mph, thanks in part to the car’s low 845 kg weight. Reliability was improved due to the reduction in maximum turbo boost pressure for mass-production from 1.0 to 0.6 bar but conversely, it allowed tuners to modify the engine relatively easily to run 1.0bar boost pressure for even greater performance without significantly compromising reliability.

Externally, the Turbo i.e. model sported black plastic sill trims and arch extensions, plus a revised front bumper with fog lamps and inlets/scoops to direct air to the oil cooler and intercooler. Decals were added along the side of the car, initially as “T U R B O” in large outline letters but then later in stripe form with “Turbo i.e.” cut into the rear-quarter section and complimentary stripes across the tailgate. This also deviated from the pressed steel tailgate fitted on non-turbo models as it was manufactured from fibreglass and incorporated a high-level spoiler to improve looks and aerodynamic performance. All body glass benefited from a very light green tint.

Suspension was lowered and uprated, 13″ alloy wheels with Pirelli P6 tyres were fitted and the brakes upgraded to vented discs on the front and solid discs on the rear to replace the drum units of the non-turbo models.

Interior equipment was upgraded in the Turbo i.e. model with ‘sports’ seats, plush red carpet and an extended centre-console. Later models had red seatbelts in place of earlier black versions.

Performance clutch

performance clutch ade tuning

The Fiat Uno Turbo you see in our pictures came into the workshop to have a new performance clutch fitted. After the clutch was fitted the owner wanted the car to go on the rolling road for a bit of dyno time to check the car was running as it should.

fiat uno turbo dyno timefiat uno turbo ade tuning

The car was put on the dyno and given a power run to find out how much power it was producing and the results was an extremely acceptable 129bhp, but we knew with a bit of a tweak we could get a little more horse power out of the old gal 😉 A bit of a tweak later and a clean bill of health was given to the 25 year old car along with a few more horses.

Fiat Uno Turbo ADE Tuning

This Fiat Uno Turbo is an amazing example of a classic car and the owner should be extremely proud to drive it. For the few days that it has been at the workshop numerous people have commented on how clean and tidy it looks and how you hardly ever see them on the roads any more.

Audi S5 Forge Supercharger Pulley Kit

Audi S5 Quattro custom remap

ade tuning audi s5 remap
The Audi S5 Coupe in its second generation. It was face lifted in 2011 after four years on sale, at which point it gained a new engine under the bonnet. The old 4.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine is gone, replaced by the 3-litre supercharged V6 from the Audi S4. A seven-speed twin-clutch transmission replaces the old six-speed manual and auto options in one go which is also aided by electro-mechanical steering and the inevitable stop/start system.

Audi s5 remap ade tuning

Forge Supercharger Pulley Kit
Forge supercharger pulley ade tuning

Forge Motorsport created a bespoke supercharger reduction pulley for the 3.0T Audi S5. When it is used in conjunction with a custom remap, this component will help to achieve more power and, in particular, more torque from this model.
Unlike turbochargers, most superchargers provide a fixed amount of additional airflow or ‘boost’ relative to the engine speed, this means that engines that are equipped don’t usually make the same kind of gains as turbocharged engines, once mapped with similar custom software.
Forge’s reduction pulley allows the supercharger to rotate faster, increasing airflow and improving low-end gains. The best news is, this increase is felt throughout the rev range, allowing mappers to optimise a new map to improve throttle response in every gear.

ADE Tuning Custom Remap

Now this is where we come in 😉

So we have a customer with a stunning Audi S5 that we have previously supplied and fitted a Milltek exhaust system with a custom remap, who approached us about supplying and fitting a Forge Motorsports Supercharger Pulley kit and then custom remap to suit. Of course we jumped at the chance and set to work removing the old pulley and replacing it with the shiny Forge Motorsport Supercharger pulley and new smaller belt. Next job was to write the custom remap taking into account the pulley, Forge’s reduction pulley allows the supercharger to rotate faster, increasing airflow and improving low-end gains. The increase is felt throughout the rev range, allowing ADE Tuning to optimise a new map to improve throttle response in every gear.

audi s5

audi s5 supercharge remap

VW Caddy Custom Remap

VW Caddy 1.9tdi

A well maintained and service VW Caddy on the dyno for a custom remap. By regularly changing the oil and servicing it the VW Caddy made an impressive 110bhp first dyno run, the 1.9tdi normally has 104bhp.
VW Caddy custom remap

Custom Remap

As with all our custom remaps we always run the vehicle on the rolling road to find out what power is already been produced. Other tuning companies may promise you a massive increase in power but if you don’t know what power your vehicle is already producing how do you know how much power you have gained??

As stated earlier on the VW Caddy van made 110bhp with 215lb/ft, all thanks to good vehicle maintenance. With the Caddy on the dyno we set about to writing the custom remap, taking into account the fuelling etc. and after a short while the VW Caddy van was ready for its final dyno run 😀

Dyno Results 

VW CADDY custom remap ade tuning

Do you have a van that is lacking that ‘ompff’ when going up hills? Are you tired of having to constantly change up and down your gears when towing? Then why not get a custom remap from ADE Tuning.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what one of our customers had to say about a recent custom remap on his Volkswagen T4 van

“A big thank you to Antony for the re-map on my VW T4 2.5 diesel, an increase from 82bhp to 117bhp, 148ft-lbs to 205ft-lb, made a big difference on tow the caravan last week, done 910 miles and average of 30.3mpg, that’s towing the caravan for 480 miles, so well pleased, and thank you to Rachael for the brew and company whilst waiting. Will be taking the T4 back after the inter-cooler is fitted, so hoping for another 140bhp+ and 250ft-lb, will let you know afterwards”

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GTi Spring Festival 2015 – The Pictures


A few pictures from GTi Spring Festival 2015 down at Santa Pod. We went down with Sam and his Quattro Lupo as he prepares for the VWDRC.


Over the years, from the very first GTi Festival events in the late 1980s. The shows have attracted hordes of Volkswagen enthusiasts to several different venues around the UK. The GTi Festival and GTi International were for a decade or more, just about the only specialist water cooled VW events of the year. Now there is a busy show calendar. The GTi Festival has moved its date to the end of that busy calendar. This established a Final Fling season finale, before the time comes to put cars away for the close season, or pull them apart for mods or winter rebuilds.

The GTi Festival – Season Finale is for enthusiasts of all VAG marques, SEAT, Skoda, Audi and of course Volkswagen. Now the Volkswagen Group includes Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti too, but the closest we will probably come to seeing any of those will be Bentley rims shoehorned under late Golf arches!

GTi Spring Festival 2015

GTi Spring Festival – The Season Opener Show

Over the years, from the very first GTI Festival events in the late 1980s, the shows have attracted hordes of Volkswagen enthusiasts to several different venues around the UK. The GTI Spring Festival is now established as the real ‘season opener’, and THE one day show for all enthusiasts of all VAG marques, SEAT, Skoda, Audi and of course Volkswagen. And now the Volkswagen Group includes Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti too!

Road Trip

A few of us from ADE Tuning decided to go down and support Sam in his Quattro VW Lupo as he prepares for the VWDRC.
ADE Tuning Lupo
With the Lupo on the trailer we headed off on the Saturday evening down to Santa Pod, stopping at a hotel so we would be bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for racing on the Sunday. We left the hotel and headed towards Santa Pod and the GTi Spring Festival and we spotted a few cars on the way.
ADE Tuning Mk1 golf
ADE Tuning GTi Spring festival
We arrived at Santa Pod and joined the traffic going in.
ADE Tuning GTi Spring Festival

We handed over our hard earned cash and followed the directions to the VWDRC area.
ADE Tuning Gti festival

We parked up and unloaded the Lupo off the trailer and Sam changed into his racing gear.
ADE Tuning Lupo

ADE Tuning Lupo

Race Time

Although the weather was nice and dry there was a extremely strong headwind that the cars going down the strip had to battle against. This headwind was easily adding a second onto all the competitors times and slowing down the VWDRC boys. As Sam did his final checks on the Lupo we headed down to the spectating area on the stands. As we strolled down we passed the autojumble and also some of the club displays. A big well done to The Comrades of VAG who yet again had a fantastic club display.
ADE Tuning autojumble

ADE Tuning Comrades of VAG

We found some seats in the well packed stands and got ready for Sam and the Quattro Lupo to go down the strip. This is the first time this year the Lupo had been raced so this session was about checking how the car runs and handles before competing in the VWDRC. Over the loud speaker came the announcement that the ADE Tuning mapped Quattro Lupo was next to go down the strip, we sat at the end of our seats straining to see over the masses of people who had rushed forward to get a better view. The lights changed and off the Lupo went struggling to get grip on the tarmac.
ADE Tuning lupo
Sam in his Lupo against the headwind ran an 11.39 at 123mph – a brilliant start 😀
Sam went down the strip against Karl Ellis in his 4wd MK2 Golf, Karl achieved a new personal best of 9.9831 at 139mph on this run and would have possibly have done even better if the wind hadn’t off been so bad.
You can watch the run here

There was plenty to do and see with plenty of trade stands battling the winds to sell there products and also a fantastic show and shine display with air-cooled parked up next to water-cooled and not forgetting the “Dizzy Rascal” race course, a combination of roundabouts, straights and chicanes where competitors compete in their own cars hoping to get the fastest time. All great fun to watch.

We had a fantastic day and although Sam developed a problem with the gearbox on his last run, it didn’t spoil the road trip down to Santa Pod to attend GTi Spring Festival show. I would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the show and the VWDRC gang and to Dan for driving us all the way there and back in one piece 😉