Car Prejudice – a guilty secret

Do car drivers have prejudices’?

In a recent survey conducted by Continental it was found that colour, make and cleanliness can affect a drivers behaviour towards other motorists. In a survey of 2,000 drivers, more than a third of drivers admit they allow factors such as car colour, car type and car cleanliness to affect how they behave towards other drivers.

Sounds ridiculous?

But when I thought about my own journey into work this morning I realised that I do only let cars from the VAG (VW, Audi and Seat) group out into the traffic and that if you are driving a Range Rover you have no chance and will be sat at that junction for some time, making me one of the 27%. Sad I know but just think about your last car journey.

Sixty percent of  drivers admitted to getting agitated by a sticker for a rival sports team, a cause or organisation, while drivers in “flash” cars are twice as likely not to be let out at a junction because other drivers believe ‘they think they’re it’.

The top ten of drivers we are least likely to let out into traffic are:

1. Anyone using a mobile phone
2. Performance car
3. Towing a caravan
4. Flash car
5. 4×4
6. Taxi driver
7. Learner
8. Bus
9. Van
10. Pensioner

Are you guilty of these things?

continental tyres ade tuning

Preston Motorsport Club Rolling Road Event


Preston Motorsport Club Rolling Road Event

Preston Motorsports club ade tuning rolling road

The Club was formed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Their aim is to assist and introduce new people into motor sport. They have the knowledge and skills available for you to become involved in any aspect of motor sport you wish. Rallying, sprints, hill climbs, circuit racing, motorbikes, off road, marshalling, organising and running events etc. They feel passionate about enabling people to compete in a world that for some feels so very far away.

Here are some of the cars that ran on the dyno.

Are you interested in becoming a member? Then head over to Preston Motorsport Club page

Get Started

Motor sport is more diverse and accessible than many would imagine, with many different ways to get involved behind the scenes as well as behind the wheel.

Racing, rallying and karting are well known types of motor sport but they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of events each year across an array of different disciplines, offering something for every budget and background. These events also rely on thousands of volunteers, who give their time freely in exchange for the best seat in the house.

With a club most likely on your doorstep you have no excuse. Find your nearest club here.

VW Festival 2015

VW Festival at Harewood House, Leeds


The weekend just gone a couple of us took our annual trip to VW Festival at Harewood House near Leeds. The show is a two day event with camping available on site. Every year the team of organisers pick a theme for the weekend and this year it was the 80’s (hence some of the bizarre outfits and appearances from the A-Team van 😉 )

The weekend started off with the worst rain I have seen in months but it didn’t dampen spirits and the camping fields soon began to fill up. With the sun making an appearance on the Saturday morning we were set for the weekend. The show is a mixture of air-cooled and water-cooled Volkswagen with many different styles.

The show isn’t just about cars though, it’s more about the Volkswagen community spirit and there is plenty to see and do even if your number one priority isn’t cars. With plenty of stalls selling millions of different products, fair ground rides, circus skills tent, food stalls, auto jumble, face painting etc. there is no shortage of things to do. The club displays where strong and was even attended by our local club Unphased.

We had a fantastic weekend, made some new friends and saw lots of stunning cars, vans and campers and took lots of photographs. A big well done to the organisers and staff of Harewood House, you all did a cracking job. We will be back next year!

VWNW 2015 at Tatton Park


Celebrating 30 years of VWNW


Have a browse through some of the photos that we took this weekend at Tatton Park. VWNW annually hold a show at Tatton Park but this year it was a special show, celebrating their 30th birthday!

Packing up shop on Saturday and heading down the M6 we arrived in convoy at Tatton Park. Many traders had already set up their stalls and to be fair it looked like the show had already started. We unpacked our gear and got our gazebo and display ready for the Sunday show. As I walked round the showground in the evening you could already feel in the atmosphere that it was going to be a special show.

Setting the alarm nice an early we awoke to light rain but that hadn’t put anyone off as the display cars soon came flooding through the gates. The showground becoming a hive of activity in no time with people heading over to the auto jumble hoping to grab that bargain, the trade stalls set out to entice the people in to buy cushions, embroidered doggy neckerchiefs and of course VW paraphernalia.

As the day went on I got chance to have a stroll around the show and the variety and standard of the vehicles in the show blew me away. The concourse display was exceptionally well organised and I take my hat off to the judges as the standard of entries was exceptionally high. The club displays we excellently turned out and I got a chance to catch up with the guys from Unphased, Club GTi Manchester and VAGunion. By lunch time the sun was shining and the queues for the ice cream vans where getting longer 😉 There is loads to see and do for all the family.

We had a fantastic weekend and the show on Sunday was the best I think we have been to this year so far. I would like to thank all the organisers of the show for having us and putting on a brilliant show. Even if you are half interested in Volkswagens you will be guaranteed to have a fantastic day out.