VW Golf with a hybrid turbo

vw golf, hybrid turbo remap, ade tuning

In for a custom remap this week at Volkswagen Golf GT Sport TDi (MK5). We had spoken to the owner of the car a few weeks previously after he called us after being recommended by a previous customer. He was in the process of fitting a hybrid turbo to his car and wanted to know about our custom remaps. Wanting to get more power and better performance from his Golf we mentioned removing the dpf and blanking off the egr valve. A week later the owner of the Golf had fitted his hybrid turbo, removed his dpf and blanked off his egr valve and was ready to book in for the dpf software, egr software and custom remap to suit the hybrid turbo.

The Golf arrived on the back of a low loader as it isn’t ideal to drive round with the dpf removed and no software as it the car will still regenerate sending excess fuel into the engine causing many, many different problems. Before we even began to think about the custom remap we had to reprogram the car’s ecu with the software for the dpf delete and egr valve blank to make the car safe.

Hybrid turbo remap time

With the car strapped to the rolling road we did a few runs as a health check. As a standard Golf we would be expecting to see around 170bhp with 258ft/lb torque. The custom remap began and very soon we could see an increase in power. With the car on the dyno we are able to see the power curve etc. making adjustments where needed. With custom remap written it as time to test the car on the road.

vw golf, hybrid turbo, custom remap, ade tuning

Although the hybrid turbo would have been strong enough for 250bhp we where asked not take the custom remap that far due to the customer not wanting a lot of smoke.


Vauxhall Astra VXR Nurburgring Edition

Astra VXR Nurburgring, custom remap, ade tuning

The Nurburgring Edition named after the car’s spiritual home, where much of its pre-production development was carried out, includes many never seen before specification items. Each individually numbered Astra comes with exclusive all-white paint finish, lightweight white 18-inch 18-spoke alloy wheels and Dunlop performance tyres. Other exterior features include dark tinted rear windows, carbon fibre effect mirrors and B-Pillars and distinctive chequered flag body graphics to further emphasise the car’s incredible performance. The Nurburgring Edition comes with the same 236bhp, 2.0 Turbo engine as the Astra VXR, with each UK-specification car also coming provided with a Remus Sports Exhaust system. The Nurburgring Edition theme continues inside, with carbon fibre effect detailing on the door trims and fascia, complementing the Piano black centre consule and trim. Each car comes complete with exclusive leather trim with the Nurburgring circuit graphic embossed into the Recaro front seats and an individually numbered plaque showing each car’s build number.

Before even collecting the car the new owner had booked the VXR in for a power run and possible custom remap. The previous owner had treated the VXR to a decat, a cross over delete and a hard boost pipe kit. With the car strapped down we began the power run. As we ran the car on the rolling road it became apparent that some thing wasn’t quite right as the car was misfiring. Now we would never consider remapping a car that wasn’t running spot on because what ever the problem is it will still be there afterwards. A misfire is generally caused by a faulty coil pack or spark plug. We removed the spark plugs and immediately spotted the problem.

spark plugs, ade tuning Spark plug number 4 is broken.

New plugs ordered, fitted and the VXR now running much better, it was time for the custom remap. Now this car had been mapped previously and it hadn’t been mapped particularly well making power gains of 13bhp with all the modifications. As with all our custom remaps we carefully monitor the fuelling, timing etc. as we run the car on the rolling road and very soon the Astra VXR was making very respectable power 😀

Astra VXR Nurburg, Custom remap, ADE Tuning



DTA ECU tuning, vw corrado, ade tuning

Arriving with only a base map this VW Corrado came to us to be set up on the dyno. The 25 year old car, the pride and joy to the owner, had originally been a 1.8 16v but as you will find in the Volkswagen community cars don’t tend to stay the same spec 😉 . Very soon a labour of love was born and the Corrado was being modified.

After spending many, many weekends and evenings sourcing and fitting his parts to the car it eventually came time to chose what engine management to run. There are several aftermarket engine management systems available and our customer chose to go with DTA S60 pro. DTA Pro have several levels of engine management to suit all needs and budgets.

With the car on the dyno we began to read the base map on the car and started the fine art of tuning ensure that the timing and fuel are at an optimum level. With a budget set on how long we could spend on the car we did our upmost best to make sure the car ran safely and most importantly it was reliable. There is still work to do on this car and ecu and the customer will return when funds permit.

The Spec

  • DTA S60 Pro ECU
  • 2l ABF engine
  • 1.8 exhaust cam
  • Performance inlet cam
  • Knife edged crank
  • Mercedes SLK 230 supercharger
  • Audi S3 inlet manifold
  • Audi TT fuel rail
  • 440cc injectors
  • Lightweight lifters
  • Oil cooler
  • Twin core radiator
  • Intercooler
  • LSD
  • 4 branch manifold
  • Janspeed exhaust
  • 4 branch manifold
  •  Short shifter
  • KR 1.8 flywheel
  • VR6 clutch
  • G60 front brakes
  • Coilovers

The Results

VW CORRADO dta ecu s60, ade tuning


Seat Ibiza FR gets treated to custom remap and a Milltek System

Seat Ibiza FR Milltek, custom  remap, ade tuning

After owning his 1.8 20v Seat Ibiza for several months, our customer decided to improve the car with a Milltek Sport system and a custom remap. After getting in touch with us via our Facebook page we priced up the different options available for his car and sent him the details. The next day he came down to pay for his exhaust system and book in for the fitting and a custom remap to suit. Our customer chose the Milltek decat with the non resonated oval tailpipe – awesome choice!

milltek sports, ade tuning, ibiza frMilltek Exhausts Lancashire

Exhaust and Remap Day

The day final arrived when the Seat Ibiza FR would be dropped off for it’s new exhaust to be fitted and then for it to be custom remapped 🙂
The owner of the Ibiza had already made some performance modifications before bring the car to us. These include a front mounted intercooler, TIP (throttle intake pipe), diverter valve and a good quality panel filter.

With the car on the ramp it was time to start taking the old exhaust system off the car and fitting the shiny new Milltek Sport decat exhaust system.
milltek, ade tuning, seat ibiza fr
milltek, ade tuning, seat ibiza fr

milltek, ade tuning, seat ibiza fr

With the exhaust fitted and tested for any leaks it was then over to the rolling road for the custom remap. Standard power for the Seat Ibiza FR is 147BHP as standard so we expected some good results from this car. With custom remap written and the car tested on the dyno and the road we handed it back over to its proud owner for their test drive.


Really happy with the work done to my Ibiza, the Milltek Exhaust sounds nuts and the custom remap has turned the car into a bit of an animal. The quality of the tune the car received is second to none, the driveability is noticeably better in all situations – Highly Recommended. Top work guys!


VW Passat inlet manifold issue

vw passat inlet manifold swirl flaps ade tuning

The inlet manifold is part of the engine that supplies the air/fuel mixture in to the cylinder. The primary function of the intake manifold is to evenly distribute the combustion mixture (or just air in a direct injection engine) to each intake port in the cylinder head(s). Even distribution is important to optimize the efficiency and performance of the engine.

The inlet manifold contains Swirl flaps, which are small butterfly valves fitted to the intake manifold. These are just before the cylinder head intake ports. They are fitted in many modern automotive diesel engines, including those from Audi, BMW, Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo. The flaps are smaller than the intake runners. Therefore allow air to pass around them even when “closed”. Swirl flap position is adjusted by an electrical or vacuum-activated servo mechanism which is under the control of the engine management system. In a typical implementation the flaps will be closed at idle speed, creating additional turbulence in the intake.

So What Does The Intake Do?

As engine speed increases, the flaps are gradually opened until, at around 2,000 rpm, they are parallel to the airflow and present virtually no resistance. Their purpose is to ensure that the air entering the cylinder is sufficiently turbulent for good fuel-air mixing even at low engine speeds. The disadvantages of swirl flaps are mainly associated with fouling by exhaust gas recirculation. This leaves tarry deposits on the flaps and the inside of the intake manifold. Over time the flaps can begin to stick in one position. The engine management system may report an error code if the correct flap position cannot be achieved within a few percent of the design specification.

More seriously, the flaps or their mountings can fracture under the strain and parts can enter the cylinder. This almost always causes major engine damage due to the very small clearances inside a diesel engine. Some owners choose to have the flaps removed as a precaution, with blanking plates fitted to maintain manifold sealing. In many cases the impact on driveability and fuel economy is negligible.

ade tuning vw inlet manifold

Swirl Flaps

The Passat owner came to the workshop as his car was running badly and the engine management light illuminated on the dash. We plugged the car into the diagnostic machine and it came up with a code which we recognized immediately. The fault was for the Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor. This sensor is only available with the whole intake manifold – a very expensive job. But we have experienced this issue before and knew that if we were able to source an earlier model inlet manifold (a non-flap inlet manifold) we would be able to blank the swirl flaps and seal the manifold completely.

Inside The Inlet Manifold

When we removed the inlet manifold we could easily see what had happened. The swirl flap in the first manifold hole had snapped causing the flap rail to vibrate sideways. This eventually caused a hole to appear at the far end of the flap rail which had led to a boost leak. We where very lucky to catch it at this stage as the worst case scenario would be engine damage.

inlet manifold swirl flaps ade tuning

ECU Remap

With the engine built back up with the non swirl flapped inlet manifold in position we ran the car to check there where still no boost leaks. Then we reprogrammed the ecu so the car would run without the original inlet manifold on.

Unfortunately when you look more into this problem it isn’t just the VW Passat that has issues with swirl flaps and the inlet manifold. The problem also affects Audi, BMW, Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo.