Fiesta Zetec S Remap – Eco Boost

Ford Fiesta Zetec – Red Edition

Ford fiesta Zetec, eco boost, remap, ade tuning

Fiesta Zetec S – Red Edition

Ford claim that the Ford Fiesta Zetec S is the most powerful 1.0-litre volume production car engine ever; delivering more power per litre than other sports engines, with 9-second 0-62 mph acceleration, and a top speed of 125 mph. With a dinky 1-litre EcoBoost engine, the Fiesta Zetec on paper is a healthy 138bhp.

But as with all our custom remaps we ran the car on the rolling road before doing anything to find what power the car is making. This car fitted with an induction kit produced a respectable 125bhp on the first few runs.

Time for the custom remap… As the remap is written we ran the car on the rolling road so our customer could see the progress in power and torque on our big screen. Once we are happy that the remap we run the car again to get a final power figure and then it is time to get the car off the rolling road and out for a road test.

ford fiesta zetec, eco boost, remap, ade tuning

This little car will definitely give the big boys a run for there money as it is rapid and if the smile on the customers’ face was anything to go by we did a good job 🙂

Fiesta ST Turbo Custom Remap

Fiesta ST – Street sleeper?

We received a phone call from our customer as he considering fitting a turbo kit to his Ford Fiesta ST. Knowing that the modifications he was planning to do would mean that the ecu would need tuning so he booked in for a custom remap.

fiesta st turbo, ecu tuning, remap, ade tuning

With a carbon wrapped roof, rear spoiler and alloys, this ST is quite a head turner. But the real story is under the bonnet 😉

fiesta st, turbo, ecu tuning, ade tuning

Modifications are…
60mm Throttle body
Cosworth “style” manifold
Cosworth 200 spec cams
0.90mm Cometic head gasket
Wiseco pistons
KI tech billet rods
Milltek Sport turbo back exhaust
TD04 turbo
Lighten and balance flywheel

fiesta st turbo, ade tuning, remap, ecu tuning

And with custom ADE Tuning remap to add to his list of modifications, the car was now ready for him to drive it and enjoy his turbo conversion 🙂

Fiesta ST Turbo ecu remap custom remap ade tuning