VW Golf R MK7 – ADE Tuning

 VW Golf R MK7

So this may have happened… A VW Golf Mk7R!

As with most our cars at ADE Tuning, they don’t tend to stay standard for long and very soon new parts started arriving…

So we have a Racingline Induction Kit and a GFB Diverter Valve ready to install (ADE Tuning can supply and fit Racingline Performance goodies and GFB).

The Golf 7R engine bay before the install…

The GFB diverter valve

We replaced the standard DV with the GFB as the factory DV is plastic and the GFB one has metal parts, making it stronger and more reliable when it comes to the car being mapped. Plus it sounds great 🙂

There is limited room in the engine bay but with a bit of persuasion we soon got the induction kit fitted.

Nothing looks out of place and at a glance you most likely wouldn’t think the car wasn’t standard.

So with the induction kit and diverter valve fitted the Golf 7R was on the ramps ready for a Milltek decat and resonated catback fitting and also a Wagner Tuning fmic before heading over to the rolling road for the remap.

Milltek Sport Exhaust time

On one of the last Golf R’s that we mapped we fitted a decat downpipe with a resonated cat back, so we knew that this was the right level of loudness that we wanted. We felt that a non-resonated catback with the decat would have been to loud and droney.

You can see the quality of the workmanship in the decat and catback pipe work from Milltek.

The original system on the car.

You need to remove the prop shaft to fit the decat downpipe.

Milltek back box fitted, looking all new and shiny 🙂

We chose the black tailpipes for the car as it would suit the cosmetics we have planned.

So with the induction kit fitted along with the Milltek Sport decat and cat back system, it was time for a FMIC. We chose the Wagner Tuning intercooler as we fitted one to the T5 and was happy with quality.

Volkswagen have really upped their game when fitting the front end of the Golf 7R, we’ve never had to remove sooo many plastic clips and studs when fitting a FMIC. It took the best part of the day 🙁

The FMIC is fitted, you can’t see it but it is there!

With all the goodies fitted, it was now time for the Golf R MK7 to go over to the rolling road for a custom remap. With the Haldex unplugged we where able to run the car in 2wd, allowing us to remap on our rolling road. The standard power of a VW Golf R MK7 is 300bhp and this was the first one for us to map with the DV and FMIC. With the custom remap written to suit the modifications we ran the car on the rolling road … 420bhp 🙂

Do you have a Golf R that needs a custom remap?

Get in touch and find out what ADE Tuning can do for you?

GTi International 2017 – Rockingham Motor Speedway

GTi International 2017 – New venue with sprint and track

Last week saw a few us head down the M6 to Rockingham Motor Speedway for GTi International. This is the first time that the show has been held at this venue and I was really excited to see how the weekend was going to pan out.

The journey down to Rockingham was slow thanks to building of the “smart” motorway, but the view wasn’t to bad 😉

Rockingham was originally built for NASCAR racing but NASCAR pulled out of the UK so the venue was used for other motorsport events. GTi International is renowned for the quarter mile sprint but sadly Rockingham being an oval was able to make a quarter mile strip so they gave us an eighth of a mile strip and they opened the track. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 🙂

Saturday saw Paul Jordan in the ADE Tuning mapped 740bhp VW Polo go down the strip achieving a 0-60 in 2.50 seconds (and that was with a lot of wheel spin). This was his best time of the weekend and he won a trophy fastest 0 – 60 on the Saturday and a trophy for coming first in his class.

Whilst Jordy was on the sprint we took the Golf R out on track.

With road legal semi slicks fitted and uprated front brake pads, the Golf performed really well.

There was some really tasty cars out on the track and ADE Tuning customer and friend Nathan (oak green MK2 Golf with 20v) even had a go round the track. But with the track being extremely quick and his car not having a rollcage, he retired from the session and headed back to the sprint.

Nathan brought home 2 trophies from the weekend at Gti International 2017 and Jordy won another one on the Sunday.

The show was set up so all the action could be seen from inside the oval which you had to enter via one of the tunnels that goes under the track.

There where plenty of traders along with food stalls and the show and shine was held inside the track.

A couple of clean looking cars I got some pics of…

On the Sunday we took the Golf R down the sprint and got a 0 – 60 in 3.35 seconds 🙂 which we didn’t think was too shabby.

After a fun filled weekend of racing cars, watching cars race, admiring cars and BBQ-ing we pack up and headed home. The journey back was way better and we got to see loads of different cars on the motorway. There was the Ford fair on down at Santa Pod, so we passed a few old and new Fords along with loads of 2CV’s.

The team at GTi International gave us a cracking weekend in a new venue and yes there where some teething problems but i’m sure next years show will only be better 🙂