VW CORRADO 1.8t 20v

VW Corrado 1.8t 20v rolling road session


This absolutely stunning VW Corrado came to ADE Tuning for an ecu check over/remap,as it had very little power low down. The car installed with a 1.8t 20v engine is running via an Omex ecu. The owner had only owned the car for a couple of months and though it was running rich as he could smell fuel.

With the car strapped to the rolling road we did a power run. This not only allows us to see what power and torque the car is making but it lets us monitor the fuelling.

The Corrado owner was quite surprised to find that his car was actually running lean. Anthony was able to explain this by using the rolling road graph that was displayed on the big screen. Early on in the rev’s there is very little fuel (this would explain the lack of power) causing the leanness 😮

As you can see on the print out the bottom graph shows the fuelling and the black line is the fuelling as the car came. The black line doesn’t even register on the graph. Thank goodness the Corrado owner hadn’t been booting the car around.


With us now knowing where the fuelling needed to be adjusted we set to work.

With the fuelling adjusted we ran the car again (pink line) before letting the owner take the car out for a test drive.

The VW Corrado was now more responsive down the lower end, the lean fuelling had been sorted and we had even managed to get a little more power. The customer was really pleased ;D

This car is one to keep a look out for and WILL most definitely be winning some awards when the owner has finished it.

The owner brought a spec sheet of the work that had been done to the VW Corrado and money has been no object for the previous owner…

Full nut and bolt restoration
Forged 1.8 20v engine with Corrillo rods and Wossner pistons
02j gear box fitted with a Quaife diff
Jabbasport turbo kit
Omex 600 ecu
Chrome brake pipes
Eibach antiroll bars
Vibratech engine and gear box mounts
Fully chromed and polished engine parts etc….


Brembo Brake Discs and Pads Offer


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Milltek Sport Cat Back Exhaust System on a 2017 Mini Cooper S

Taking advantage of the ADE Tuning Milltek Sport Exhaust Offer is the owner of this stunning 2017 Mini Cooper S. Owning the car from new the owner felt that it needed to sound more sporty so opted for a non-resonated cat back system.

As you can see in the picture below the system has a box deleted and the back box is slightly smaller than the standard one.

The owner of the Mini Cooper S had added some stripe decals to his car to make it unique and so decided to go with the black tips on the Milltek Sport Cat Back.

We think they suited the car extremely well 🙂

And with the car on the ramp you can see Milltek’s outstanding quality and fit.

The Mini Cooper S now not only looks the part but sounds amazing 🙂

Have you got a car that deserves the Milltek touch?

Get in touch today and let’s see what we can do for you (please include your reg number)