This BMW 335i came into the workshop after it flagged up an issue with the actuators. This model of car has an issue with the actuators becoming loose causing the turbo’s to become lazy. With a rolling road session it was shown that the power wasn’t being delivered until later on.

Removing the two turbo’s from the BMW 335i was an awful job with most of the engine bay needing to be stripped.

When the turbo’s and actuators where examined it was surprising to see how loose both actuators were.

They where sent off to our turbo guy for repair and returned looking brand spanking new 🙂

The next job was to refit them back from where they had come. This was as equally unpleasant as when they where removed but the end goal would be rewarding.

With fresh oil and a filter we carefully began the running in process for the turbo’s and the difference could be felt immediately. After a couple of runs on the rolling road we could see the power delivery was back to where is should originally have been and the bhp had even increased.

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This weekend saw us head down to Santa Pod Raceway for VW Action. We convoyed down with Jordy and his 750bhp+ VW Polo. Although the journey took longer than expected we arrived at Santa Pod Raceway and drove straight through to the pits.

The campsites and pits where already full of air cooled and water cooled Vdubs. It was quite a sight to see 🙂

There is no racing on the Friday so this gave us time to give the VW Polo a last check over before we went for a walk around the pits to see the competition. VW Action gets a lot of cars attending from Europe, with 1200bhp VW Polo parked up next to a 360bhp VW Beetle, it really is a mix of power.

Friday night consisted of BBQ-ing before we headed down to Fuelers Bar to check out the live music. After a bit of a dance we headed back to the pits for an early night, as tomorrow we where drag racing.


Throughout Saturday the cars headed down the strip to see if they could make some new PB’s. We saw and felt the jet car which did a 5.37 @281mph!!!

Any water cooled car that came in under 14 seconds on the strip could enter the night races. The air cooled was under 18 seconds. The strip closed at 4pm in preparation for the night racers.

With the cars lined up they began to head down the strip and on the last run for the night Jordy had a mishap. His rear calliper became stuck, breaking off and getting wedged in the wheel. This locked the car up and sent him into the wall. Luckily he had past the finish line and was only travelling at 40mph. His safety gear did the trick and he walked away scratch free, where as the front of his car will need some tlc.