Porsche Cayman S – Fabspeed Goodies and Remap

Fabspeed Goodies for the Porsche Cayman S


Last week we had a Porsche Cayman S in the workshop as the car was running terribly.

The owner had changed the plugs and coil-packs hoping that it would solve the issue but it hadn’t. After some diagnostics it was apparent that the cats had become blocked. Meaning they had collapsed.

After speaking to Porsche to get a price for the replacement catalyst pipes, the owner of the Porsche did a little bit of homework and found that Fabspeed Motorsport in America did a set of decat pipes that fit. With a set on order within the hour, he patiently waited their arrival from the US of A!

The pipes arrived all packaged up from Fabspeed and they were fitted to the Porsche Cayman S.

With the new cat pipes fitted the engine management light was illuminated. This was due to the air to fuel ratio being altered, so the Porsche headed over to the rolling road for a custom remap.

The Porsche Cayman has naturally aspirated engine, meaning it has no turbocharger. A remap on a naturally aspirated engine won’t increase the bhp of the car by a great amount but it will improve the throttle response and mid-range driveabilty. And of course it will re-calibrate the air to fuel ratio removing the engine management light.

As you can see an improvement in the power with a greater improvement in the torque. And as a billy bonus the car now sounds absolutely amazing thanks to the Fabspeed modification.

We can’t wait for the weather to improve then we can see the Cayman S on track.


Bilstein Coilovers fitted to a Brand New Volkswagen T6

With only 300 miles on the clock the owner of the Volkswagen T6 van had already fitted TSW Chicane alloys. Sitting on the new alloys the van looked a little odd, a bit like a hedgehog on the run. But we knew what needed to be done…

We had previously fitted Bilstein coil-overs to his Volkswagen T5 van and he had been happy with their quality and ride height. So we set about ordering a set of the Bilstein B14/16’s for the T6. We found the perfect kit that would give us a 50mm drop getting rid of the awful arch gap.

To be honest it felt a bit wrong removing practically brand new parts off T6, as there was nothing wrong with any of the parts we where removing.

We started with the front of the van as we knew this was going to be the most time consuming part.

The owner of the Volkswagen T6 wanted the van to sit low, so we adjusted the collars on the Bilstein to the lowest setting. This setting would still allow the van to sit low but still be driveable.

With the rear now fitted it was time to stand back and admire the view 😉

Have you got a vehicle which you would like lowering? We can help source, supply and fit coilover kits and lowering springs for your car or van.