Ford Mondeo ST TDCi – Our First Remap of 2018

The owner of the Mondeo had booked in for a remap last year and he wanted to improve the mid-range driveabilty and fuel consumption with the obvious increase in power.

He had previously owned cars that we had remapped and knew that he would get a before and after rolling road figure.

As with most of our customers, the car had been fitted with a larger inter-cooler and stainless de-cat exhaust system.

As with all our custom remaps, we ran the car on the rolling road beforehand. The Ford Mondeo made 157bhp on the pre-remap run, which is a great result for an eleven year old car.

The remap increased that power to 197bhp with 358ft/lb torque 😉

Have you got a car that would benefit from better mid-range drivability, or fuel economy?

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