Supercharger Pulley and Remap for an Audi S5

In the workshop this week for a Forge Motorsport supercharger pulley kit fitting and a custom remap. This stunning Audi S5. Now as a standard car this Audi S5 will pull 333bhp all day long, which to be fair is a lot power than your every day driver. But if that carrot of more bhp is dangled in front of you, you’re to go for it 😉

So may I present to you the Forge Motorsport reduction pulley kit 🙂

So what does a supercharger pulley do?

The supercharger pulley is used to spin the supercharger, which in turn compresses air into the combustion chambers in the cylinders. The smaller the pulley, the faster the shaft can spin and create even faster speeds. You can see the original pulley in the picture below, it has a blue arrow pointing to it.

With the pulley and belt fitted the front end of the car was carefully built back up. The car can not be run for long without the ecu being adjusted to suit the modification, so time for the custom remap 🙂

The custom remap was written and the car was run on the rolling road to find the final power results…

An increase of 121bhp and the torque increased to 410ft/lb. Cracking results and one very happy customer 🙂

Check out the Audi S5 we fitted the supercharger pulley to and the car was also fitted with a Milltek Sport system.

For further information or to book your car in…


VW Golf R32 – Pops, Crackles and Bangs

The owner of this stunning VW Golf R32 is a familiar face down at ADE Tuning, so when he bought his new R32 we soon knew he wouldn’t be able to leave it standard 😉


So within days of buying the car he was down to the workshop to show us his new car and also book it in for Pops, Crackles and Bangs.


He had already booked his car in with his local mechanic to have the cat removed.


You could hear the car pull on to the car park and that was before we had even done anything!


With our equipment plugged into the cars’ OBD port we began the job of writing the software, checking the progress as we went along. Once we where happy with the results we sent a video to the customer.


The reply of 🙂 🙂 🙂 said it all!


Check out the short video we got of the car in action…