The exhaust on this stock looking Audi S3 had seen better days and the owner wanted a quality replacement. The old exhaust had started to drone on long journeys and he had also lost one of the polished tips. The car was looking a little sad and un-loved.

The owner contacted ADE Tuning last year as he was unsure whether he wanted to keep his car completely stock and fit an original cat back or to try something different. He gave us a call and we chatted about the different options that we could supply for the car. He didn’t want anything to loud or in your face. ADE Tuning are approved suppliers and fitters of Milltek Sport Exhausts.

As we chatted on the phone I checked the online Milltek website to see what stock was available for the Audi S3, to suit the owners requirements. Talking the owner through the different options I advised him on a resonated Milltek Cat Back system. The exhaust would sound a little louder than the standard and the tips would suit his OEM look.  He took what I said on board and went away to think it over.

A few weeks later the owner of the Audi s3 popped down to the workshop to show us his car and order his Milltek Cat Back exhaust.

This Audi S3 was immaculate both inside and out, apart from the sad looking exhaust. A well maintained car.


The Milltek Cat Back arrived and we called the customer to come and get his exhaust fitted.

With the S3 on the ramp we saw how bad the original exhaust was. It was definitely time for a replacement.

With the exhaust removed we led it next to the new Milltek cat back system. The quality can easily be seen.

Because Milltek spend a great deal of time and development when they produce the exhausts they fit like OEM and this one was no different.

The laser engraved twin tips just peep out from under the bumper, just to let you know that this car has a quality Milltek product fitted.

Just the right amount of modified for this future classic 🙂

Do you have a car that should have a Milltek Sports exhaust fitted to it?

Then get in touch and we can see what we can do for you…



Doorslammmers 2018, saw us pack up shop and headed down to Santa Pod Raceway with several of the ADE Tuning mapped drag racers. With the weather forecast sunshine it was going to be a great weekend.

Doorslammers – The Beginning

Doorslammers was first held at Santa Pod Raceway in the late 1980’s and ran into the 90’s and was held at the end of the race season. In those days the fastest Doorslammer ran for £1000 in cash.

Fast forward 20 years and we have the present day Doorslammmers event, this time with big money to be won. With seven different categories for the cars to compete in, the event certainly has some interesting cars. Saturday is the qualifying day ready for the “Head to Head” rounds on Sunday. Many of the racers use Saturday as a test day for the Sunday event.

On the Saturday evening those cars that have qualified are put into a helmet for the random pairings ready for Sunday. The two cars will go down the strip against each other and who ever crosses that finish line first wins the race. This random draw continues all the way through to the final race.

As any modified car owner will know, that weekend that you actually want to use your car for the purpose you built it for will be the weekend it decides to break. So we only actually went down with a handful of cars.

But they did us proud 🙂

At 9.30am on the Saturday the track opened for qualifying. We had cars in both the front wheel drive and the 4 cylinder category. So we set ourselves up for viewing and cheering on our guys. Thankfully all our cars made it through to qualifying.

Throughout the weekend we saw displays from the Reign of Fire Jet car, Oklahoma Willy Jet Pick-Up and the Fire force Jet car.

We saw plenty of cars and drivers achieve new PB’s and also watched the fastest Doorslammer car in Europe… All the way from Sweden is the Wulcano racing team in the Chevy Camero Blackbird. Running a 5.53 at 262mph 😲

Sunday – The Head to Head Round

Sunday Racing saw Paul Bargate, B-rookie Racing and Jordy’s names all being pulled out of the helmet for the head to head elimination round. Basically the first car to cross the finish line goes through to the next round. This saw some very random pairings and many looked like the tortoise and hare story. But as they say you can never judge a book by its cover and in this instance they were right. Paul Bargate in the only naturally aspirated car in the whole Doorslammers competition got all the way through to the semi finals. We thought it was all over when he got picked against Michael Hollerman in the Honda Civic who ran a 8.36 @161mph. The Gods must have been looking down as Hollerman’s Civic broke on the start line. This allowed Paul to go through to the semi’s.

Paul then lost out to Adrian Solly on the Audi A3 r32. Not a bad first event after coming out of retirement.

2018 BMW 118D REMAP


Using our latest software we are able to custom remap this 2018 BMW 118D M sport via the obd port.

As with all our custom remaps we ran the 2018 BMW on the rolllers for a health check. This allows us to check that the car is running correctly. It also allows us to check the bhp, which surprisingly was bang on 😉

With the information taken off the ecu we began to write our custom remap. With the car on the rolling road we can run each file to check how the car reacts. When we reach a power and torque figure which we feel happy with we run the car for a final power figure. We always remap a car within a safe parameter.

The car was taken out by the customer for a test drive who returned with a big grin 🙂


Have you got a BMW that could do with a remap? Whether it is a diesel for economy or petrol for performance?



This Peugeot 205 gti is the perfect example of how cars that you grew up with influence your life. The owner of this car could never get insurance on the car when they first came out. He had to settle for the 205 Style. Life continued and the cars he had changed over the years but the desire for the 205 gti was still lingering. One day he stumbled across an advert for the car you see pictured above. The car had been set up as a hill climb car and was in need of some serious tlc. In fact it barely ran.


With the car being set up for hillclimb racing. Hillclimbing is a branch of Motorsport in which drivers compete against the clock to complete an uphill course. So the gearbox was set up with the shorter gear ratio. This gearing is not suited to the normal road or even track. So the gearbox was removed and sent to a third party for a rebuild taking the gear ratio’s back to original.

Whilst the engine was out the car we set about checking it over. It soon became apparent that the 22 year engine had seen better days. The engine block was sent down to the engineering workshop and a rebuild kit was ordered for its return.

With block back in the workshop we set up building the engine back up using the new parts. As you can imagine with a car of this age, replacement parts are not always on the self and the air flow meter came all the France.

With the car built back up and running sweet it was handed back to the customer for them to enjoy. The car will be used mainly for track days but also for a quick blast in the sun.

It is great to see cars that we grew up with, idolized even still being used. This car is an honest car that has been made good for some fun.

This Peugeot 205 GTi will definitely catch your eye 🙂