This Skoda Fabia 1.9 tdi took advantage of the ADE Tuning Black Friday offer.

Great power gains can be achieved with a tdi remap.

On the rolling road after taking advantage of the ADE Tuning Black Friday Remap Deal, this Skoda fabia mk2. This 1.9 tdi engine made stand power on the pre-remap rolling road session, the custom remap took the 105bhp ŠKODA up to 146bhp with 290ft/lb torque 👍

The 1.9 tdi was a limited production car in the MK2 Skoda Fabia. It left the factory without a dpf which makes it an ideal candidate for remapping.

The diesel 1.9 Skoda Fabia not only goes quicker now but will drive better through the gears and when driven in a “sensible” manner the mpg will improve with the tdi remap. Which in this economic climate, along with the ever changing cost of diesel can only be a winner.

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