Z Cars Mini tuning on Hydra ECU

Running on a Hydra ECU, this rear engined Z Cars Mini came for mapping. As we all know the Classic Mini is an iconic car and great fun to drive, just ask Mr. Bean BUT then Z Cars got involved and upped the game.

Z Cars was originally founded by Chris Allanson in 1999. The company quickly established a following and began to build a brand predominantly around the Classic Mini. Offering a range of alternative engine kits or turn-key solutions in a mid-engined layout most notably around the R1, Hayabusa and Honda K20 engines.

The Mini arrived on a trailer and was fitted with throttle bodies. This meant that the car was difficult to drive as a daily, throttle bodies are either all or nothing. Awesome on the track but not so awesome nipping to the shops. The owner had brought with him an inlet manifold to swap over with the throttle bodies before the Mini would head over to the rolling road for the Hydra Ecu to be mapped.

The Honda K20 engine is found the Type R’s and generally run around the 200bhp mark. Due to the engine set up being naturally aspirated (so no turbocharger) the power gains aren’t great when it comes to mapping. But this was more about fine tuning the drive so the car can be used daily.

With the Mini running like a star we managed to squeeze a few extra horses out of the engine set up.

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