This car is a one off build and the car started out life as a mk1 Golf. The build consisted of putting the mk1 body on to a Audi TT chassis. But this wasn’t a simple build. Jems Speed Shop enlisted the fabricating experts Jo’s fab lab to build the car. Jo’s fab lab made the body kit out of steel and rolled and folded metal making the car bespoke in every way. The car was 8 inch wider than the Audi TT base so the car was split in two and widened to fit. The car has the 225bhp engine and that combined with the Audi four wheel drive system makes this car a dream to drive.

So the car went up for sale and the new owner brought the car down to ADE Tuning to find out about an ECU remap.

This is where we get to work our magic 😉

An Audi TT has the Haldex 4wd system. So we disengaged it before we strapped it down on to the rolling road. As with all our ecu remaps we ran the car for a health check and to find what power we where working with. The car pulled 200bhp which was expected as this is the general power figure we see in the MK1 TT’s. The custom remap was written and the car was run on the rolling road throughout. Once we where happy with the cars ecu remap gains we re-engaged the haldex and went on a road test.

The car performed effortless with the throttle response greatly improved and the mid-range drive spot on, not to mention the increase in power.

The Audi TT/ Mk1 VW Golf will be heading down to Ultimate Dubs in a few weeks so be sure to check it out, not that you can miss it 😉


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