Alfa Romeo Giulietta lose the tuning box!

So what is a tuning box? They are designed for both petrol and diesel engines. They work by changing the signal between the ECU software and the fuel injection system. The alteration ‘tricks’ the ECU into increasing the quantity of fuel injected, enabling it to boost pressure, therefore resulting in more torque and power – well so they say!

The owner of this Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce had read on the Alfa Owners Club about this amazing tuning box that would give him him 30 bhp once fitted and to be fair he did think that the car was performing better. But he still wasn’t sure so he booked the car in for a rolling road session.

With the car strapped down we ran the car with the tuning box plugged in. So yes, it did make more power than standard but it didn’t deliver the extra 30bhp that was promised.

But then we thought could that be down to the car? Was the car making standard power? So we unplugged the tuning box and ran the car as standard. We waited in anticipation…

So the car is running fine as it is making standard power on the rolling road which can only mean that the box hasn’t delivered the power that was promised 🙁 After a quick chat about how the car would react to a custom remap the customer was filling out his remap disclaimer.

With the remap written on the rolling road we could monitor and adjust the power and torque to suit the customer. When we where finally happy with power the car was making the car was unstrapped from the rolling road. With the car off the rolling road the customer took it out for a test drive.

Now the car performs brilliantly making great power! The drive has greatly improved from the box. Plus as result of the remap car will see an improvement in mpg unlike the tuning box.

Z Cars Mini tuning on Hydra ECU

Running on a Hydra ECU, this rear engined Z Cars Mini came for mapping. As we all know the Classic Mini is an iconic car and great fun to drive, just ask Mr. Bean BUT then Z Cars got involved and upped the game.

Z Cars was originally founded by Chris Allanson in 1999. The company quickly established a following and began to build a brand predominantly around the Classic Mini. Offering a range of alternative engine kits or turn-key solutions in a mid-engined layout most notably around the R1, Hayabusa and Honda K20 engines.

The Mini arrived on a trailer and was fitted with throttle bodies. This meant that the car was difficult to drive as a daily, throttle bodies are either all or nothing. Awesome on the track but not so awesome nipping to the shops. The owner had brought with him an inlet manifold to swap over with the throttle bodies before the Mini would head over to the rolling road for the Hydra Ecu to be mapped.

The Honda K20 engine is found the Type R’s and generally run around the 200bhp mark. Due to the engine set up being naturally aspirated (so no turbocharger) the power gains aren’t great when it comes to mapping. But this was more about fine tuning the drive so the car can be used daily.

With the Mini running like a star we managed to squeeze a few extra horses out of the engine set up.

Have you got a car running a Hydra Ecu that needs mapping? Get in touch to see what we can do for you


Martini race spec Corvette…

Not the usual kind of car that we are used to seeing down at ADE Tuning. And to be honest we weren’t entirely sure that it would even get on the rolling road as we had to jack it up to get it in the workshop!

With most of the Corvette being made of fibreglass to keep the weight down, it wasn’t the easiest of vehicles to push. But with the owners permission we got it off the trailer and on to the rolling road by pushing on the rear spoiler and roll-cage. With the bonnet removed from the car we where able to see that mighty engine 😍

The Corvette was running using the aftermarket ecu MoTec. We have vast experience in this aftermarket ecu and it worked great with the car.

With the car strapped down extremely well to the rolling road we began the mapping process. We ran the car whilst we adjust and altered the information on the ecu. It sounded amazing but extremely loud so ear defenders where handed out.

Once we were happy with how the fuelling etc. was with the MoTec on the Corvette we did one last power run to find what power she was pulling.

Just shy of 680bhp 🙂

We couldn’t obviously test drive the beast of a Corvette on the road, so we couldn’t comment on how it performed handling wise. BUT it will be out racing next year. So keep a look out for the Martini Corvette that ADE Tuning mapped on a race track near you!


When your putting too many miles on your Bentley Bentayga you obviously go and treat yourself to an Audi RS7 😉

Now the Audi RS7 is a daily driver i could easily cope with. Under the bonnet sits 4.0L twin turbo V8 engine that comes with 605bhp. It’s 0-60 is 3.6 seconds and all in 4wd. But that wouldn’t be good enough for our customer so he booked the car in for a Milltek non-resonated cat back exhaust with a custom remap.

With the car on the ramp we soon got around to fitting the Milltek cat back. This system uses the tailpipes of the original exhaust system and fits like it’s OEM.

So we have the exhaust on the car, it was now time for the custom remap. I mentioned earlier that the Audi was 4wd and you will know that ADE Tuning only have a 2wd rolling road. A quick phone call and we can hire out the 4wd rolling road for mapping.

With the car strapped to the rolling road we began the mapping running the car as we went along. Once we where happy with the power made and its delivery we did one last power run.

What a great result!

Not only does the car look amazing, it sounds amazing and drives like a rocket 😍



Having owned his SEAT Leon FR for nearly three years, Ash was contemplating buying a newer car or a custom remap. He had no issues with his car and had been looking to buy a new car but was stuck what to buy. This was when a friend suggested a remap. The remap would not only increase the power of the car but the delivery of the power. So Ash did a quick Goggle search and ADE Tuning appeared on the first page.

After a phone call chat to discus what we could do for him and his car, he made the decision of a remap. Later that day he booked his SEAT Leon FR in for a custom remap.


The day of the remap arrived and Ash dropped the car off and filled out a remap disclaimer. Unfortunately Ash had to work that day so left his SEAT Leon FR in our capable hands. As with all our remaps we ran the car on the rolling to for a health check and also to see what power the car was already making. On the odd occasion we have run a car and found that it is quite down on power. If this was to happen we wouldn’t be happy mapping the car until the issue was fixed, a remap would just mask the issue not fix it.

Luckily for Ash his car was pulling a very healthy 156 bhp so the remapping process began. Here at ADE Tuning we don’t download files off the internet, we write our own. With an ecu file written we ran the car again to check how the car behaved. Sometimes we have to write more than one ecu file as each car can react differently to the information given. You have to remember that not all cars are driven or serviced the same and this can affect how the car reacts. Once we where happy with how the car performed and the power it had produced we took it out for a test drive on the road. The car now had better throttle response and the drivability through the gears had greatly improved.


Ash took his car out for a test drive and immediately noticed how much more responsive the throttle pedal was. Once we got out on to the motorway he commented on how the car pulled better through the gears. And how normally he would have to change down a gear to overtake but the car now just kept pulling. When we got back to the workshop he told us how pleased he was with the car and the results 🙂

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