BMW 335D X-Drive Custom Remap with Supporting Modifications

The owner of this BMW 335d X-Drive was booked in for a custom remap. The owner had already modified the car by fitting hybrid turbo’s and a front mount intercooler. He had also removed the diesel particulate filter.

The already powerful twin turbocharged 3.0l v6 engine pulls 308bhp as a standard car, so we where excited to see what power this car could really make. As the BMW 335d X drive is 4wd we hired out the 4wd rolling road for the custom remap. With the car strapped down we carefully set about writing the custom remap. Writing the remap on the rolling road allows us to carefully monitor the fuelling, timing etc. until we reach a performance level that is within safe parameters for the car.

Rolling Road Results

With the modifications fitted and a custom remap we increased that power to 414bhp with 488ft/lb torque, which really makes this BMW 335d X-Drive a bit of a street sleeper. And with the car being 4wd it handles the power as though it was a standard car 😉

*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars