Preston Motorsport Club Rolling Road Event

Preston Motorsport Club organised a Rolling Road Event at ADE Tuning.


Preston motorsport club ADE Tuning

Preston Motorsport Club was formed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Their aim is to assist and introduce new people into motor sport. They have the knowledge and skills available for you to become involved in any aspect of motor sport you wish. Rallying, sprints, hill climbs, circuit racing, motorbikes, off road, marshalling, organising and running events etc. They feel passionate about enabling people to compete in a world that for some feels so very far away.


Rolling Road

We were contacted by the club about holding a rolling road event for their members to put their cars on the dyno to see what power they are making. After checking the diary we found a date and booked them in.

We got the tea and biscuits in and got the straps out for the dyno.  A fantastic selection of cars and members turned out, whether they were putting cars on the dyno or just supporting.


Here are the dyno graphs from the rolling road…

Ford Fiesta ST Preston motorsport club ade tuning Ford Fiesta ST

ford focus preston motorsport club ade tuning Ford Focus

haynes kit car ade tuning preston motorsport club Haynes Kit Car

BMW M135i ade tuning preston motorsport club BMW M135i

vauxhall corsa ade tuning preston motorsport club Vauxhall Corsa

ford focus st ade tuning preston motorsport club Ford Focus ST

bmw e46 m3 ade tuning preston motorsport club BMW e46 M3

fiat arbarth punto ade tuning preston motorsport club Fiat Abarth Punto

mini cooper s1600 ade tuning preston motorsport club Mini Cooper S1600

honda civic ade tuning preston motorsport club Honda Civic

bmw 530d ade tuning preston motorsport club BMW 530d

renault clio sport ade tuning preston motorsport club Renault Clio sport

peugeot 106 ade tuning preston motorsport club Peugeot 106

A great bunch of guys and some interesting results. If you are keen in joining  head over to the website or find them on Facebook

VW T5 Campervan Remap

T5 Campervan Remap

After owning his VW T5 campervan for the last 12 months our customer was getting tired of having to constantly change up and down the gears when attempting to over take a vehicle on the motorway or even just going up a steep incline. His 60 plate VW Campervan basically didn’t have the power to pull the skin off a rice pudding 🙁
ADE Tuning custom Remap

More Torque = More Pulling Power

After searching the internet for ways to increase the pulling power of his campervan he found ADE Tuning’s website and got in contact with us. After a few telephone conversations about how the custom remap would increase his 84bhp, increase his torque and also improve his fuel economy he booked in for a campervan remap.

Rolling Road Time

ADE Tuning VW campervan T5 remap

With the campervan strapped down to the rolling road we did a few runs to find out what power the campervan was already making. The campervan made 78bhp with 167ft/lb torque. Time to write the custom remap. As you will probably know by now all our remaps are custom written to suit your car and any modifications you may have made. We always remap our customer’s vehicles to a safe parameter. With the remap written we ran the campervan on the rolling road again to get a final power figure.

Campervan Remap Results
VW T5 campervan remap ADE Tuning

With the custom remap improving the bhp and torque this campervan is ready for its road trip round Spain and the added bonus being the campervan remap will make a massive improvement in the fuel economy 🙂

Do you have a campervan or even a van that struggles to overtake that slow lorry on the motorway hill?
See what ADE Tuning can do for you…

VW Caddy Custom Remap

VW Caddy 1.9tdi

A well maintained and service VW Caddy on the dyno for a custom remap. By regularly changing the oil and servicing it the VW Caddy made an impressive 110bhp first dyno run, the 1.9tdi normally has 104bhp.
VW Caddy custom remap

Custom Remap

As with all our custom remaps we always run the vehicle on the rolling road to find out what power is already been produced. Other tuning companies may promise you a massive increase in power but if you don’t know what power your vehicle is already producing how do you know how much power you have gained??

As stated earlier on the VW Caddy van made 110bhp with 215lb/ft, all thanks to good vehicle maintenance. With the Caddy on the dyno we set about to writing the custom remap, taking into account the fuelling etc. and after a short while the VW Caddy van was ready for its final dyno run 😀

Dyno Results 

VW CADDY custom remap ade tuning

Do you have a van that is lacking that ‘ompff’ when going up hills? Are you tired of having to constantly change up and down your gears when towing? Then why not get a custom remap from ADE Tuning.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what one of our customers had to say about a recent custom remap on his Volkswagen T4 van

“A big thank you to Antony for the re-map on my VW T4 2.5 diesel, an increase from 82bhp to 117bhp, 148ft-lbs to 205ft-lb, made a big difference on tow the caravan last week, done 910 miles and average of 30.3mpg, that’s towing the caravan for 480 miles, so well pleased, and thank you to Rachael for the brew and company whilst waiting. Will be taking the T4 back after the inter-cooler is fitted, so hoping for another 140bhp+ and 250ft-lb, will let you know afterwards”

Call us today on 01254 676899 or

GTi Engineering Car

VW MK2 Golf 16v – an original GTi Engineering car

GTi Engineering was setup  in 1978 by Richard Lloyd. Richard was at that time racing a Golf GTi as well as running Volkswagen GB Ltd.’s highly successful racing programme which resulted in a hat-trick of British Saloon Car Championship class wins of 1977, 1978 and 1979. These much publicised competition victories contributed very significantly to the successful launch of the Golf GTi in Britain.From the beginning, GTi Engineering’s primary role was the research, development, production and fitting of road-going sports conversions for Volkswagen and Audi cars. These conversions were of course complemented by an impressive range of racebred performance parts and accessories including suspension, braking, transmission, steering, interior and styling conversions, all of which had evolved over the years and, like the engine conversions, continued to be extended and updated. Each vehicle was given its very own plaque of authenticity.
ADE Tuning GTi engineering
Following its UK launch at the end of the seventies, the Golf GTi was quickly singled out as the cult car – a status it still enjoys today. As a result it has attracted a great deal of special attention from the public and media alike. Keen to support this special image VAG recognised that, as a ‘high profile’ company specialising in the marque, with a desired record in track events and led by an extremely able engineering team, GTi Engineering could do much to maintain and promote interest in this unique car. So in 1982, GTi Engineering were appointed Official Audi Volkswagen Conversion Specialists. Being only twelve miles from the Milton Keynes VAG headquarters they were able to benefit from a mutual exchange of technical information which enabled them to develop modifications very soon after a new model release or sometimes before it’s official UK launch.

On the dyno

GTi Engineering golf ADE Tuning dyno

We had been chatting to the owner of this original GTi Engineering MK2 Golf for several weeks about him bringing the car down to go on the dyno for a health check and tune up, but with him living across the Scottish boarders he had said he would like to kill two birds with one stone and booked the car in for the day after Elscar Megameet and Golf Rallye show. Now we never know what condition these cars are going to be in when they arrive, especially if they are 25 years old, but the trophy casually tossed onto the back seat explained it all 😉 This car was immaculate and most definitely deserved to win the MK2 Golf award at Elscar.
MK2 golf dyno ADE Tuning

But the car wasn’t here to be looked at so we put it on the dyno and we began the health check adjusting the engine as and when was needed to ensure the car was running to its full potential.

VW Golf MK2 April dyno

Toyota Supra Custom Remap

The Toyota Supra has been around since 1978 and the styling was derived from the Toyota Celica but was slightly longer and wider and around 1986 the Supra became a model in its own rights.

580bhp Toyota Supra ADE Tuning
The Supra became an iconic car and featured frequently in video games, films and in music videos. The more notable being The Fast and Furious film series, which increase it popularity no end with everyone wanting one and also wanting to increase their performance and speed.

Here is where we come in…

We where approached by a customer who had a Toyota Supra that he had modified but couldn’t get to run properly. The Supra he brought in had the 2JZ engine with a Precision Turbo Kit (fitted by the customer) and was running on an ECUMaster EMU ECU.
580bhp Toyota Supra ADE Tuning

Dyno Time

The Supra was put on the dyno, as we do with all our custom remaps, to find what power it is producing and we use this time as well to look at the fuelling. The Toyota Supra made 180bhp on the dyno, along with a couple of pops and bangs. We then set to work to write a “live” map whilst the car is on the dyno and very soon the pops and bangs died away and all you could hear was the roar of the Supra engine coming into its own on the dyno.

Dyno Results

580bhp Toyota Supra ADE Tuning

Why not head over to our YouTube channel where you can watch footage of the Supra on the dyno.