Motorhome Remap After DPF Issues

Motorhome Remap after DPF Issues

After slowly making its way to the workshop, this motorhome was in need of some diagnostics after going into limp mode. After plugging the motorhome into the diagnostic machine it came up with fault codes that we see when a vehicle has dpf issues. So this was the first place that we would look.

The dpf on this 2012 Fiat Ducato 42 Multijet motorhome was quite accessible underneath, so we removed it see how the motorhome ran. We started up the engine and took it out for a short test drive, it drove perfectly, confirming our diagnosis.

Now we knew for sure that the dpf was the issue we cut open the casing of the dpf and this is what we found…

The dpf had become so hot when trying to regenerate the actual filter had imploded completely blocking it up. As you can see in the picture below nothing could move through the filter and this was what had caused the motorhome to go into limp mode.

A close up picture

With the dpf removed and the casing fitted back into place we began the task of reprogramming the ecu with the dpf software and then a remap. The motorhome remap taking it to around 180bhp.

Do you own a motorhome that is having dpf issues or simply would like more pulling power?

Get in touch with us and see what we can do…

*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars

Renault Trafic with Hybrid Turbo

Renault Trafic with Hybrid Turbo, DPF Delete and custom remap

We first saw this Renault Trafic when the owner came down for a power run on our rolling road. He wanted to see what power it was making as he felt it quite quick. When we ran the van on the rolling road it made standard power. That’s when the owner enquired about a remap. We custom remapped the Renault Trafic on the rolling road and improved the standard 112bhp to a respectable 149bhp.

The van responded and drove fantastically after the remap. We thought we had seen the last of the owner 😉

Little did we know that 149bhp in a Renault Trafic isn’t good enough when you are being overtaken by VW T5 on the motorway, so he returned to find out if he could get any more power out of his van. The answer was yes, the van still had the dpf fitted and by deleting that we could increase the bhp. He then asked about the turbo and could we do anything with it. We hadn’t had any experience with the turbo from the Trafic so we contacted our Turbo Guy to find out what could be done.

Brilliant news he could hybrid the turbo!

The van was booked in for the turbo to be hybridized. The dpf deleted and the egr valve blanked off before being custom remapped again.

It was tight squeeze removing the turbo and soon as we got it off it was sent over to our Turbo Guy. Whilst the turbo was being worked on we performed the dpf delete and blanked off the egr valve.

With the hybrid turbo fitted back into the engine bay the Renault Trafic headed back over to the rolling road for the new custom remap.

*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars

Audi A5 3.0 TDi DPF Package Deal

DPF and Custom Remap Package on an Audi A5 3.0TDi

In the workshop last week for a dpf delete, egr valve blank and custom remap an 3.0 Audi A5 tdi Quattro. After talking to his friend who had already experienced the package deal, our customer booked in to get the same done to his car.

Audi A5 3.0 tdi, custom remap and dpf delete package from ADE Tuning

Audi A5 3.0 tdi, custom remap and dpf delete package from ADE Tuning

DPF Delete

With the DPF carefully removed from the engine bay, we began the process of removing the DPF filter from the casing. With the DPF filter removed from the casing we welded it back up and refit the casing back into the engine bay. Next we fabricated a blanking plate to blank the EGR valve. With the engine bay built fully back up it was time to reprogram the ecu to prevent the car from regenerating before we headed over to the 4wd rolling road.

Custom Remap

With the Audi A5 being a true Quattro we where unable to remap the car on our 2wd rolling road so we headed over to a 4wd we have access to. With the car strapped down to the rolling road the process of reading the ecu files began. Once we have read the file we can begin to write our own file to suit the modifications. As we write the remap the car is run on the rolling road so we can monitor the fuelling etc. Once we are happy with the results of the remap we do a final few runs to see a true reflection of the power.

Audi A5 3.0 tdi, dpf, egr, remap, ADE Tuning

With the dpf package deal completed it was time for the customer to test drive the car. Having already been out in his pals Audi A5 as a passenger he thought he had an idea of what the drive would be like. How wrong could he be 😉 When he returned from the test drive he said he was amazed by how responsive the car was and how the power just kept on coming. We had not only just improved the performance but the customer will also see an improvement in fuel economy AND he had gained 3 more bhp than his pals car 🙂

*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars

Ford Transit Connect DPF Package


Ford Transit Connect

In for the Ford Transit Connect DPF Package (dpf delete, egr valve blank and custom remap), with only 30,000 miles on the clock this van was already on it’s second dpf filter. The first one had been replaced as it had become blocked up sending the van in to limp mode (a safety mode the vehicle goes into when the ecu computer recognizes a problem in it’s logic. Once Limp Mode engages, the engine will only run at very low rpms and be barely able to move). When the same problem occurred with the second dpf filter he got in contact with us.

Ford transit connect, dpf delete, ade tuning, dpf software

Diesel Particulate Filter

No one really seems to know about the diesel particulate filter until it fails on the car and although according to the manufacturers’ a passive regeneration will happen when the DPF reaches a certain temperature naturally, this doesn’t always work which can lead to all sorts of issues.

DPF Software

With the van on the ramp it was time to remove the dpf casing and the dpf filter. With the empty casing replaced the van ready for the dpf software and the custom remap. The dpf software has to be programmed into the ecu otherwise there is a chance that fuel will be thrown into the empty casing which will definitely do the van no favours. Dpf software programmed into the ecu and the van was strapped down to the rolling road.

Custom Remap

As a standard van the Transit Connect will pull 74bhp and we checked this by running the van on the rolling road before writing the custom remap. Having established that the van was now running correctly it was time to custom remap the van. With the Transit Connect remapped with gains of 30bhp it was time for the customer to test drive the van.

Although we have increased the power of the van with the custom remap, we also have improved the performance which in turn will improve the fuel consumption.


Check the Transit Connect out on the rolling road.

*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars


VW Golf with a hybrid turbo

vw golf, hybrid turbo remap, ade tuning

In for a custom remap this week at Volkswagen Golf GT Sport TDi (MK5). We had spoken to the owner of the car a few weeks previously after he called us after being recommended by a previous customer. He was in the process of fitting a hybrid turbo to his car and wanted to know about our custom remaps. Wanting to get more power and better performance from his Golf we mentioned removing the dpf and blanking off the egr valve. A week later the owner of the Golf had fitted his hybrid turbo, removed his dpf and blanked off his egr valve and was ready to book in for the dpf software, egr software and custom remap to suit the hybrid turbo.

The Golf arrived on the back of a low loader as it isn’t ideal to drive round with the dpf removed and no software as it the car will still regenerate sending excess fuel into the engine causing many, many different problems. Before we even began to think about the custom remap we had to reprogram the car’s ecu with the software for the dpf delete and egr valve blank to make the car safe.

Hybrid turbo remap time

With the car strapped to the rolling road we did a few runs as a health check. As a standard Golf we would be expecting to see around 170bhp with 258ft/lb torque. The custom remap began and very soon we could see an increase in power. With the car on the dyno we are able to see the power curve etc. making adjustments where needed. With custom remap written it as time to test the car on the road.

vw golf, hybrid turbo, custom remap, ade tuning

Although the hybrid turbo would have been strong enough for 250bhp we where asked not take the custom remap that far due to the customer not wanting a lot of smoke.