You will remember this stunning Audi TTRS from a previous blog when we fitted a Milltek decat down pipe before it went over to the rolling road for a custom remap. Well the front pads where running pretty low so that could only mean one thing.

Time to up grade to some performance pads 😉 Well it is always good to be able to stop!

After pricing up replacement pads with Audi, the owner decided that the Yellowstuff where cheaper and would work better with his driving style.

EBC Brakes – Yellowstuff

The Yellowstuff pads are EBC’s premium Fast Road brake pad. With a huge heat range you will benefit by a fantastic bite from cold and high temperatures without brake fade.

These pads are perfect for occasional track days due to the effectiveness under high temperatures and the bite from cold which cannot be said for other race materials.

Making them the ideal choice for the Audi TTRS.

We have fitted EBC Brakes to a few of our customers cars, whether they have been for the road or track.

To see what EBC Brakes would be suited to your car and your drive get in touch



So you are driving along and your car is making an awful smell. It smells like the a slipping clutch but your clutch isn’t slipping. You pull up at the traffic lights and the smell get worse, so you pull over to investigate. It’s at that point you realise that the back box of your exhaust has collapsed inside. This can only mean one thing… time for an upgrade 😉

Get in touch with ADE Tuning to sort the car out with a Milltek Sport cat back exhaust!

The time and development that Milltek put in to the systems can be seen especially when you compare them to the standard exhaust. This can be seen when you have the car on the ramp.

Every system that Milltek make is designed, developed and hand-finished here in the UK by time-served craftsmen. Each one produced in aerospace grade type 304, non-magnetic stainless steel. This superior material is less susceptible to discolouration, lasts almost indefinitely and is used throughout the entire construction of their pipework, silencers and associated hardware.

The cat back system fits like an OEM system and looks great on the Scirocco.

Mandrel bending ensures constant radius bends for optimised gasflow, and bore diameters are carefully enlarged over stock to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque.

I think you will agree that the car looks fresh and sharp with new cat back fitted.

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This Audi TTRS came to ADE Tuning for a Milltek Sport de-cat down pipe to be supplied and fitted. The stunning car capable of 340bhp using the the Quattro four wheel drive system.

The Audi TTRS had already been fitted with Milltek secondary cat delete and back box by the previous owner. The current owner wanted to decat the car before we custom remapped it on the rolling road.

When the down pipe arrived at the workshop we called the owner of the Audi TTRS to book the car in.

You can see below the difference between the Milltek down pipe and the original down pipe off the car. The two flexi pipes being replace by one and the catalytic converter has been done away with.

Removing the old down pipe was rather fiddly, as you can see it is quite a squeeze. But the quality and development by Milltek the new system fitted like a glove.

The Milltek system comes with a lifetime warranty which gives peace of mind.

The car now not only looks great but sounds great too!

Milltek exhausts are made in high quality type-304 aircraft grade stainless steel. This material is anti-magnetic and is less prone to discolouration. This quality of stainless steel is used on all pipework and the total construction of the silencer. Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow.

Have you got a car that deserves a Milltek Sports Exhaust?

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The exhaust on this stock looking Audi S3 had seen better days and the owner wanted a quality replacement. The old exhaust had started to drone on long journeys and he had also lost one of the polished tips. The car was looking a little sad and un-loved.

The owner contacted ADE Tuning last year as he was unsure whether he wanted to keep his car completely stock and fit an original cat back or to try something different. He gave us a call and we chatted about the different options that we could supply for the car. He didn’t want anything to loud or in your face. ADE Tuning are approved suppliers and fitters of Milltek Sport Exhausts.

As we chatted on the phone I checked the online Milltek website to see what stock was available for the Audi S3, to suit the owners requirements. Talking the owner through the different options I advised him on a resonated Milltek Cat Back system. The exhaust would sound a little louder than the standard and the tips would suit his OEM look.  He took what I said on board and went away to think it over.

A few weeks later the owner of the Audi s3 popped down to the workshop to show us his car and order his Milltek Cat Back exhaust.

This Audi S3 was immaculate both inside and out, apart from the sad looking exhaust. A well maintained car.


The Milltek Cat Back arrived and we called the customer to come and get his exhaust fitted.

With the S3 on the ramp we saw how bad the original exhaust was. It was definitely time for a replacement.

With the exhaust removed we led it next to the new Milltek cat back system. The quality can easily be seen.

Because Milltek spend a great deal of time and development when they produce the exhausts they fit like OEM and this one was no different.

The laser engraved twin tips just peep out from under the bumper, just to let you know that this car has a quality Milltek product fitted.

Just the right amount of modified for this future classic 🙂

Do you have a car that should have a Milltek Sports exhaust fitted to it?

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