On the rolling road for a diesel remap we have this Mazda 6 2.2 SkyActiv-D. Wanting better fuel economy and more power, the owner of this Mazda 6 got in touch with ADE Tuning to see if this was possible. A tuned diesel engine should give you better fuel economy when mapped correctly.

We ran the car on the rolling road before the remap as a health check and also find what power the car was pulling. The Mazda was a little down on the expected power but nothing serious.

The 150bhp engine in the Mazda is capable of making up to 60bhp more in power. BUT both ourselves and the customer understood that the car was a daily driver that needed to be reliable. That’s the beauty of a custom diesel remap, we can tailor it to your needs.

The Mazda 6 is now pulling 183bhp with 327ft/lb torque. A nice increase on the standard power which will in turn enable better fuel economy. The car is now more responsive throughout the gears making for a more spirited drive. And with the added bonus of a better mpg.

Do you own a diesel car that would benefit from a diesel remap?


We could have just done a 435d remap. But this stunning BMW 435d was booked into the workshop for our dpf solutions package and front mount intercooler fitting.

The diesel-powered 4-series is packing 313bhp and with all-wheel drive. The 435d is offered exclusively with BMW xDrive and with an auto box, making it a delight to drive. So how would a 435d remap change the car?

This car already pulls 313bhp in standard form so when the owner booked the car in for a fmic fitting along with an ADE Tuning dpf solution package deal, we knew good gains would be made.

The ADE Tuning package deal involves the dpf delete with dpf software, egr valve blank with egr software along with a custom remap. It is recommend for track and motor sport use. The dpf is a filter, its job is to capture and store soot particles produced during the engine combustion process from entering the atmosphere, then every so many miles the engine will enter a regeneration cycle which is supposed to clean the filter by burning the soot and turning it into ash. Inevitably every dpf is going to clog up at some point. This BMW 435d had issues with the dpf.

We can offer a 435d remap on its own but you won’t see these figures…

Now pulling 417bhp with 555ft/lb torque, this BMW 435d is an M3 eater 🤪😁


Another vehicle taking advantage of an ADE Tuning DPF Solution package deal.

This 3.0l BMW X5 had been struggling in limp mode for the last few months due to a choked up dpf filter. Using the ADE Tuning dpf solution package the car was taken out of limp mode and back to the original driving experience.

A clogged dpf filter can result in diesel soot backing up into the engine. This can cause damage to the VGT actuator, turbo, fuel injectors and EGR solenoid. Also, the un-burned fuel injected into the exhaust system can go into the crankcase contaminating the engine oil.

The owner also opted for a custom remap. So the car was taken over to the 4wd rolling road and custom remapped from 235bhp to 294bhp 😁

Do you have a diesel car with a clogged up dpf that won’t come out of limp mode?

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This Honda Civic Type R is the pride and joy of the owner Mark. We previously remapped it using Hondata in 2015 and the usually 198bhp Honda made 222bhp on the rolling road 🙂

Now Mark got used to power and started looking for ways to give his car more horses under the bonnet. After a lot of research Mark decided on a Tts performance tuning supercharger kit. The order was made and the wait for the kit started.

Mark arrived at the workshop with two big boxes and his car, leaving us to install the kit with a bit of fabrication before the car headed over to the rolling road.


Now pulling 337bhp, this Honda Civic Type R is mental to drive 😍

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With the DPF light illuminated on the dash, the owner of the Mazda 3 2.2 diesel booked the car in for diagnostics. The owner of the car had previously taken the car to another garage for diagnostics. They diagnosed a stretch timing chain. Not feeling confident in the diagnostics and concerned that the garage was trying to pull a “fast one” they came for a second opinion. After a full system scan we eliminated a blocked dpf filter and confirmed a stretched timing chain.

With the timing chain kit ordered the Mazda was booked in. The primary purpose of timing chains in a vehicle is to make sure the engine’s valves all open and close at the correct times. A timing chain is essentially the same as a timing belt but generally speaking has a much longer service life. It is important to follow the car’s service plan and replace the timing chain per the manual’s recommendation. Replacing timing chains before they break is cheaper than replacing an engine afterwards.

The job of stripping the down the engine began. Quite a lot of the engine bay area are needs to be removed to get to the actual chain. Once we had cleared the area we could see the chain and tensioners.

With the chain removed we compared it to the new replacement and we could see that the old chain had stretched.

With new timing chain kit fitted, the car built back up and the ecu re-calibrated the dpf engine light disappeared.

How do you know if the timing chain is worn?

In the case of the case of the Mazda, the dpf light was flashing. But other signs that the timing chain is worn the engine may feel sluggish, low on power or have troubles starting. This is because as the chain wears out, it stretches and the ignition and valve timing becomes more retarded.

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