Citroen C2 custom remap

Custom remap on a Citroen C2 VTS 16v

Citroen C2 custom remap

Citroen C2 custom remap on the rolling road

In the workshop today we had a Citroen C2 VTS 16v for a Milltek fitting and a custom remap.
As with all our custom remaps the car is put on the dyno to find out what power it is already producing and for us to also check if the car has any issues before the custom remap is written.

The car goes on the dyno

Now this can be an exciting or a bit of a little bit nerve-racking for the customer especially if they have never had a car on the dyno before 😀
Luckily the customer could see everything that was happening to his car from the comfort of our viewing area and very soon his concerns where forgotten about.

After a few runs on the dyno to warm the car up and get an accurate bhp figure the car was ready for the custom remap. The Citroen C2 is a naturally aspirated engine and although a custom remap will help the car to gain extra power and torque it would never produce figures like a car with a turbo. But the customer understood this and wanted the custom remap for more drivability and mid-range power.

The results pre custom remap…

The Citroen C2 is coming up to being 6 years old this September and on it’s first few runs it produce 119bhp, out of the factory was 120bhp…only losing 1bhp! Now this is the sign of a well loved and regularly serviced car (the type of car and owner we love ;-))

Now for the final results

As with all our custom remaps we always do a few test runs on the dyno to get a true end figure and I think on this occasion I will let the results speak for themselves…
Citroen C2 custom remap

A great car with great results and a happy customer 😀