Coil Springs – The potholes arch-nemesis!

Coil Springs

Coil springs are an important part of your car’s suspension system, being the first line of defence when it comes to absorbing shocks and bumps from the road. Even on a perfectly level road a car would judder and vibrate as it moved, and the car springs are what give you a smooth ride, but through accidental damage or wear and tear their performance can diminish and create a ride which is too firm or bouncy.


An all to familiar sight and one of the main contributor’s to wear and tear on your car’s coil springs and the reason this spring broke.

After driving through a pothole the customer heard a twang coming from the front passenger side of his car. Fearing the worse he brought his car down to the workshop where we found this…

The spring had snapped 🙁 luckily it hadn’t caused any other damage and it had got him to the workshop. We ordered a new pair and had them fitted in the same day. If the owner hadn’t have heard the spring snap we could have been looking at replacing the suspension strut.

Good practice when replacing a broken spring is to replace both sides, fitting a pair. By not fitting a pair problems can occur, such as an uneven ride height, increased tyre wear and steering and handling can be affected.