Meet the team

ADE TUNING is based in Lower Darwen just outside Blackburn in sunny Lancashire. We are the number one choice for all your garage and workshop services in Blackburn. Here at ADE TUNING in Lancashire we are not only technicians and mechanics but enthusiasts too. We will treat your vehicle as if it were our own… The team are all car nuts in their own rights. Take a look at what the ADE TUNING team do in their spare time…

Meet Rob our head technician, he is a keen motor biker and has been building a street sleeper drag racer.

Meet Anthony, the Dyno man and mapper. He has a Mitsubishi Evo track car plus a Renault Clio project on the go.. see our Special Projects page for details.

Meet Rachael in the office, she is a VW nut too! She has a Mk1 Golf with a 230bhp 16v screamer on throttle bodies and a 1959 splitty ready to restore. Rachael recently owned a VW Golf 7R, which of course didn’t stay standard for long 🙂 Check out her 420bhp Golf.

Mk1 Golf GTi 2.0 16v 230bhp