Special projects

As you can imagine we are pretty busy here at ADE Tuning working on customers cars and projects and that doesn’t leave much time for us to work on our own projects. But when we do get round to modifying our own vehicles this is what happens…

Take Rachael for example, she loves her VW’s and when she’s not in the office she likes to take her VW T5 to shows and chill out. But as you can imagine Rachael’s VW T5 isn’t your normal T5 πŸ˜‰

Meet MJ the Volkswagen T5

vw t5, ade tuning, remaps, milltek

The purchase of MJ happened rather quickly as fate would have it. After literally selling the LWB T5 van Rachael had that morning, she found the perfect SWB T5 that afternoon and MJ was sat on the drive that evening.

Now MJ didn’t look as magnificent as he does in the above picture but he had the spec that she wanted; swb, red, 6 speed, cruise control and a/c. MJ had been a works van for a joiner and he had started to modify the van. The bulkhead had been removed and an attempt to put in the side windows had been made along with boarding out the back. Unfortunately Rachael doesn’t have any pictures of the attempt πŸ˜†

MJ’s first official outing would have been to Unphased Show 2015, where she just through an inflatable airbed in the back and blanked out the windows with that insulated bubble wrap. It served a purpose πŸ˜‰

As with all her previous vehicles Rachael knew this T5 was not staying standard and with plans to sleep in it at GTi International the next month an improvement in the sleeping arrangements where needed.

With the previous owner being a joiner a lot of the internal plastics had been scratched and damaged, so many phone calls where made to get the best prices to replace the damaged parts and in the mean time she started to insulate the inside of the T5 and carpet the walls.

vw t5, ade tuning, remaps, milltek

This was extremely time consuming as Rachael had to make templates of the areas in the back of the T5 before she could carpet them as with it being a panel van originally it didn’t have them. She found some curtains on eBay and they arrived from Germany, they were easy to fit and came with easy to follow instructions.

vw t5, ade tuning, remaps, milltek

Before fully carpeted the rear she ran wires for usb charging points and heated seats. Rachael bought some hard wearing vinyl for the flooring and that was pretty much it until her husband decided to build a raised platform for them to sleep on. This would give Rachael extra storage space. The raised platform fabricated out of steel was built so a piece of ply board can be placed on top of it to put the airbed on top. The raised platform can also be taken out so it can still be used as a van.

Next job was to lower the T5 with some lowering springs. This is where having access to ramps comes in handy πŸ˜‰ Rachael chose some H&R lowering springs as we have used these before and know that the ride and quality would be spot on.

vw t5, lowering springs, ade tuning, h&r,

A bit of internet shopping and a rear spoiler was purchased along with the front spoiler and fog lights. These where then sent off to the paint shop (Nu Look Autobodies 01254 427176 )to be painted up before getting them fitted. We decided to let the body shop fit all the parts as you only get one chance (and if you have ever seen Rachael’s attempt at putting stickers on cars you will understand πŸ˜‰ )

vw t5, ade tuning, remaps, milltek, dpf

Although the van was starting to look great it was still missing bits, so she ordered some black side bars and some new wheels.

vw t5, ade tuning, milltek, remaps, dpf

Wheels and tyres where ordered from Stuttgart Alloy Wheels.

ade tuning, vw t5, stuttgart alloy wheels, milltek

And wind deflectors from Team Heko where fitted.

team heko, ade tuning, vw t5, milltek, remaps, tuning

The van stayed like this for a few months until the itch started again. A Milltek cat back system was ordered (ADE Tuning supplied and fitted of course) and whilst the old system was coming off ADE Tuning blanked off the egr valve and removed the DPF*.

ade tuning, milltek, vw t5, remap

ade tuning, milltek, vw t5, remap

This is the discreet cat back that Milltek Sport do for the T5.

ade tuning, milltek, vw t5, remap

But you didn’t think she would stop there did you??

A intercooler that she had ordered from Wagner was also fitted before heading over to the rolling road.

ade tuning, vw t5, remap, wagner intercooler

With MJ strapped down to the rolling road, it was time for the custom remap to suit the exhaust, intercooler and dpf delete. As a standard van MJ made 139bhp (a mighty 1bhp down from when he left the production line) Rachael said that watching your own vehicle on the rolling road is a very strange experience but it was great to watch the bhp and torque increase as the remap was being written. Anthony worked his magic, the remap was completed and Rachael was now the proud owner of a 198bhp T5.

ade tuning, vw t5 remap, milltek,

With MJ having the power and the looks from outside, it was time to start saving again and do something more with the interior. When the previous owner had bought the T5 he had upgraded the seats to two single seats instead of the drivers seat and the bench seat. This definitely makes for a more comfortable passenger journey.

After seeing a post on VW T5 Forum on Facebook Rachael booked in to get a rock ‘n’ roll bed frame made by Craig Bates. The full width ‘Craig Bates’ rock and roll bed seat was made with roller bearing drawers front and rear. Rachael also got it fitted with 3 x 3 point seat belts and it is specially made to use existing VW lashing points to secure so is easily removed if you want to utilise as a van.

With the rock ‘n’ roll frame fitted Rachael took the T5 over to an upholster we have used several times before to get the front seats re-upholstered in black leather and to also make the seats for the RnR bed.

vw t5, ade tuning, milltek, remap

vw t5, ade tuning, milltek, remap

Whilst the front seats where out Rachael installed the heated seat kit and pair of Sportscraft swivels, allowing the seats to turn round.

With the seats being to turn round Rachael soon realised that there was something missing! A table!!

So she got in contact with Toby at T4 Life, who didΒ her an amazing job of making a folding table along with the drawers to go under the RnR bed.

ade tuning, vw t5, remaps, t4life

ade tuning, vw t5, remaps, t4life

Rachael has also fitted that all important tow bar for towing race cars and a carbon rear bumper protector, along with some other carbon goodies.

vw t5, ade tuning, remaps, milltek

vw t5, ade tuning, remaps, milltek

So there we have him, MJ, one of the coolest T5’s around at the moment (well in our opinion) If you see Rachael around give her a wave and don’t forget that we can remap or supply and fit a Milltek sports exhaust to your van too!

*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars