4WD VW MK1 Scirocco

Drag racing VW MK1 Scirocco

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Paul Jordan, a well known figure in the Volkswagen Drag Racing Club, is the proud owner and racer of the 4WD VW MK1 Scirocco.Paul Jordan ADE Tuning

Having built both the car and the engine in his spare time and having it previously mapped by ADE Tuning. It was successfully running 9 second quarter miles at the VWDRC events that are held around the UK.

After achieving a personal best of a 8.92 second quarter mile in the 4WD VW MK1 Scirocco last year, Paul Jordan decided to change the aerodynamics of the Scirocco and re-shelled the car leaving off the big arches etc. With re-shelling the Scirocco he thought it would be a good idea to get the car back on the dyno to update the custom remap and check the car is running to it’s full potential.

Dyno time for the 4WD VW MK1 Scirocco

4wd scirocco ade tuningcustom remaps ade tuning vw scirocco
So with the car in two wheel drive and securely strapped down, we started the custom remap 🙂 The engine is a 1.8 20vt with fully forged rods and pistons and a GT35 billet turbo running a DTA ECU which ADE Tuning custom remap.

Dyno Results Time

ADE Tuning VW Scirocco custom remap

The car was custom remapped on race fuel but no nitrous was used, I think we will leave that for Paul to use as he flies down the quarter mile strip 😉

Check out the dyno run on our YouTube Channel