Rusty Bullet

Rusty Bullet AKA a MK2 Vauxhall Astra GTE

Rusty Bullet is a regular attendee at Santa Pod and Shakespeare. ADE Tuning have been involved in mapping of this car after its C20 LET engine rebuilt with a hybrid turbo.

Rusty Bullet, Astra GTE, ADE Tuning

The Spec

  • 87mm bored block with cylinder to piston to match
  • Wossener Forged Piston, 1mm oversized at 87mm
  • Steel rods with ARP fasteners
  • Compression ratio of 8:5:1
  • Z20let oil pump
  • Piston cooling misters
  • ARP main bearing stud and nut kit
  • ACL main bearings and rod bearings
  • Hybrid turbo and trim – exhaust side stage 5T350 turbine

– 84 AR twin scroll
– Inlet side 50 AR T04E compressor housing
– 58mm inducer with GT40 comp wheel

  • Nissan Pulsar throttle bodied inlet manifold and plenum
  • 850 injectors
  • Coscast cylinder head
  • 278 degree camshafts (11.10mm lift) hydraulic ground profile
  • Uprated valve springs/ retainers
  • ARP head stud and nut kit
  • NGK ZFR6F-11 spark plugs
  • Coil on plug conversion
  • AEM methanol water injection
  • DTA S40 ecu


Rusty Bullet is no stranger to ADE Tuning and over the last few weeks we have been working with Carl whilst custom mapping the GTE on the rolling road.

The weekend just gone saw Rusty Bullet head down to the Performance Vauxhall show at Santa Pod Raceway. Carl, the owner and racer of Rusty Bullet achieved a new personal best that weekend with a 10.28 at 137mph.

Carl and the Rusty bullet did ADE Tuning proud and we can’t wait for his next event … a new pb??