Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yet with 206bhp…The most powerful in Europe?

Skoda Yeti ADE Tuning

A few weeks ago we got a phone call from Darrell telling us about his exciting new project – the Skoda Yeti.

Now as far as the eye can see this looks like a very clean hatch back but if you look carefully under the bonnet you will see a different side to this car.

Darrell had a dream, he had a vision and this involved getting this 105bhp to be the most powerful 1.6 TDi in the UK. A quite a bit of work had been done already to the Yeti both cosmetically and performance before came to us and it had been remapped to stage 1, but Darrell had heard good reviews about and we are only down the road from him so he thought he would leave the finishing bits to us and let us custom remap it.

Cosmetic Changes:

– 17” Teron Alloys (Original Skoda)
– Door Sill Protectors (Original Skoda)
– Aluminium effect bumper step protector (Original Skoda)
– Parcel shelf net holder (Original Skoda)
– Columbus Sat Nav unit upgrade from Swing model (Original Skoda)
– Osram Night Breaker – Dipped and Main Beam
– Yet RS Pedal Kit (Original Skoda)
– Chrome Surround – AC Controls
– 5 Piece fitted sun shades
– Under seat storage draws
– Sun Glasses storage case
– Vinyl Roof Wrap – Gloss Black
– VRS Spoiler from Superskoda
– Noise Killer Sound Deadening, full car kit

Engine and Performance Changes:

– GTC1549vz (CR177) turbo upgrade
– Braided Oil Feed Pipe – DarkSide Develoment
– Stage 1 Map
– S3 Intercooler
– VW Racing Intake
– Whiteline front and rear adgustable anti roll bars.
– Bilstein Shocks & Eibach Pro Kit
– Milltek DPF Back Exhaust with Twin Jetex Tail Pipes
– Brake Upgrade – Hubs, Callipers, Carriers, 312mm discs from a 2014 Leon FR 185
– DarkSide Developments Hard Pipework Kit
– Darkside Developments downpipe (modified by ADE Tuning)
– ADE Tuning custom remap

When Darrell arrived with the Yeti the first thing we did was put it straight on the dyno to see what power and torque it was making with the modifications and stage 1 map.
Skoda Yeti Stage 1 map ADE Tuning

Good results for the work that had been done but we knew that there was still more to come 😉

The downpipe was modified and fitted on the ramps and then the Yeti went back over to the rolling road for the magic to begin…

Skoda Yeti ADE Tuning 206bhp 206bhp with 342ft/lb torque was achieved
Skoda Yeti ADE Tuning 206bhp

As with all our custom remaps we like the customer to have a test drive to ensure they are happy with the work we have done and Darrell came back with a beaming smile and these are the kind words he said…

“At ADE Tuning this morning and took the car for a spin with Anthony, the car is a totally different beast and everything I wished it had been, he left the boost gage in place so we could see how it delivered and it is spot on.

When I picked the car up after the initial turbo fitting and 10 days development with the previous tuner I was genuinely gutted to find myself with the bonnet up in the dark and rain with the glow plug light flashing and the car in limp mode.

After this initial drive, following a couple of days with ADE, the smile I had hoped for is finally on my face. ADE Tuning have produced a truly amazing car, I’ll drive it for a while and give a full review but ADE Tuning have produced the most powerful 1.6tdi in the UK and possibly Europe.

If your looking to do your own 1.6tdi turbo upgrade then I can’t recommend ADE Tuning enough.”

Darrell is now hoping to attend Castle Combe race track in the up coming months to put the Yeti through it paces and will be attending various shows throughout the show season displaying his pride and joy.