VW Caddy MK1 2.0t 20v Drag Racer

VW Caddy mk1 2.0t 20v

Over the last few weeks we have been custom mapping this Volkswagen Caddy MK1 fitted with a 2.0t 20v engine.

The car is owned and driven by Phil Blogg. Phil will be debuting this year at the Big Bang at Santa Pod Raceway. Phil will be racing down the strip as he competes in the VWDRC Championship.

Running on standard engine management, the Caddy needed a custom mapping to suit the K04 hybrid turbo, forged internals and bigger injectors. So Phil booked the Caddy into ADE Tuning. Using our years of mapping experience and rolling road, we custom remapped the VW Caddy. By using the rolling road it allows us to monitor the fuelling, timing etc. in safe and controlled manner.

With the VW Caddy strapped down to the rolling road we began to work on the custom remap. When the mapping was complete and we were happy with how the mapping complimented the modifications we took the Caddy out for a test drive.

With the Caddy driving and performing well on both the road and rolling road we helped Phil pack it back up on his trailer.

This Big Bang at Santa Pod raceway will be Phil’s first official race, so ADE Tuning would like to wish him the best of luck. Fingers crossed a few personal bests will be made and broken 🙂