Local lad Paul Jordan AKA Jordy has long been associated with his silver mk1 VW Scirocco.

At the end of last season Paul Jordan packed away the Scirocco for the last time 🙁

But we needn’t have worried as he had new plans up his sleeve 😉

Meet his new drag racer…

A VW Polo Gti…

Well sort of 😉

Fitted with the Quattro running gear and engine from the silver Scirocco, the Polo is definitely a street sleeper!

At first glance from the front you notice the exhaust peeping out from the bonnet and as you walk round the car you can see the roll cage etc. through the polycarbonate windows before you stumble into the parachute at the rear of the car.


On the Scirocco the exhaust exited from the side and really did make your ears ring, but the exhaust has been modified and now leaves the car through the bonnet. AND yes it is loud but no where near as loud as before.

This is what I can see from the dyno viewing area, sadly I didn’t manage to capture the flames that where firing out of that exhaust 😆

The car came down to the rolling road for a health check/ tweak on the engine in it’s new home 😉 this week and was making a respectable 600bhp but as we know there is still a couple more hundred brake to come out of the engine. But this weekend at Santa Pod will be the first time that Paul Jordan will have driven the car at speed, so the 600bhp will do whilst he gets used to the set up and handling before the big power returns.