A Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.


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Nearly all diesel-engine cars, vans, trucks and other commercial vehicles, built after 2006 have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) fitted within the exhaust system. Being a filter, its job is to capture and store soot particles produced during the engine combustion process from entering the atmosphere, then every so many miles the engine will enter a regeneration cycle which is supposed to clean the filter by burning the soot and turning it into ash.

Inevitably every DPF filter is going to clog up at some point. Almost all manufacturers will claim this will take a very long time, but as this technology is new, we will only discover over time just how long they will last. This is making diesel enthusiasts very nervous as they are certainly not cheap to replace. A principal DPF concern is the fact that the diesel particle filter itself produces a blockage within the exhaust system.

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This in conjunction with the diesel catalytic converter results in several pounds per square inch of congestion and back pressure in your exhaust. Since adding the DPF to the exhaust system it has resulted in a reduction in fuel mileage, quite a few questions have been raised as to the reason why the government chose to make this technology a requirement when it’s not even used in many parts of the world. Given that the diesel available in the UK is all ultra-low sulphur there’s not nearly as much pollutant matter produced by diesel engines.

The addition of a diesel particulate filter has a tendency to make considerably more issues than it is designed to fix which explains why most people use a DPF removal* service like ADE Tuning offers. With our custom made DPF Removal Software, we will reprogram your vehicle’s engine management system to fully disable the diesel particulate filter which means you won’t have any more DPF warning lights on your dashboard, your engine going into LIMP mode or any more costly DPF issues going forward. We also remove the blocked DPF element from your exhaust allowing your engine to breathe again!

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In February 2014 the UK government brought out a visual inspection as part of the annual test for road vehicles. The tester must now look for the presence of a DPF filter section in the exhaust. As we have always just removed the insides from the DPF filter and left the original canister in place this means that you will not fail your MOT. With our custom made Software installed in the engine management system and the DPF removed from your car you will have a better free flowing exhaust system which will deliver more power, better fuel consumption and NO DPF clogging problems or DPF warning lights ever again. We also normally carry out a full engine remap at the same time to ensure your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible once the work is complete.

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*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars