Honda Civic Diesel Custom Remap

Honda Civic Diesel Power…

On the rolling road this week for a custom remap a Honda Civic Diesel 2.2. A totally standard car that was extremely well maintained by its owner.

honda civic diesel, custom remap, ade tuning

As with all our custom remaps we run the car on the rolling road to firstly ensure that the car is running correctly and to also see what power the car is already making. Our customer was able to watch the remapping process from the comfort of our rolling road viewing area with the big screen.

Once we are happy with the power delivery of the Honda Civic Diesel we do a final power run on the rolling road before letting the customer out for a test drive.

Honda Civic diesel, custom remap, ade tuning, rolling road

As you can see in the dyno graph the car is custom remapped so the power delivery arrives sooner giving a much better throttle response. The customer immediately noticed the difference when he took the car out for a test drive.

ade tuning ,review, honda civic diesel, custom remap

Are you a Honda Civic Diesel owner wanting more power and performance but with the added bonus of better fuel economy? Get in contact with us to see what we can do for you…