Milltek Classic Exhaust

It’s here! The Milltek Classic ExhaustMilltek Classic Exhaust ADE Tuning

Well you may remember in one of my last blogs that we saw the launch of the Milltek Classic range down at Autosports International last month. They had a fine example of a VW Golf on display with the exhaust system displayed next to it.
ADE Tuning Autosport International 2015

When I got into work the next day I went straight to the Milltek website to see what other systems they did and sadly they hadn’t updated their website 🙁

So you can imagine my excitement last Friday when an email from Milltek pinged into my mailbox saying that Milltek Classic was up and running 😀

Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTi 1976-1983Milltek Classic ADE Tuning

Audi UR Quattro 10v 1981-1989Milltek Classic ADE Tuning

Volkswagen Golf MK2 GTi 1984-1992Milltek Classic ADE Tuning

Also available…

BMW E36 325i and 328i 1991-1999
BMW E36 M3 3.0 and 3.2 1991-1999


Just by reading the information on the Milltek Classic website you get the feeling that they are true car enthusiast and that they felt the time was right to revisit these classic models and create a range of brand new products that bring the very best of current performance exhaust technology and mix it seamlessly with the demands of the modern classic car owner.


I’m a little bit gutted to tell the truth that the Mk1 that I currently own doesn’t need an new exhaust as I would most definitely be getting one if it did…or maybe this could be an excuse to get myself another little project 😉

Does that lucky lady in your life deserve a Milltek Classic?
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