We are in Performance VW Magazine this month

GTi International 2014

Back in July we attended GTi International down at Shakespeare County Raceway.

It was there 27th show and the second time they had held the show at this venue. All pack up and with cars on trailers we headed off in convoy  to find out what the weekend had in store for us.
ADE Tuning van

We had a brilliant weekend with Sambo running his 600bhp 4wd VW Lupo down the strip for the first time ( no better place to try it out 😉 ), Paul Jordan ran in the MK1 VW Scirocco and did a good few early 9 second runs and Paul Bargate in his bright yellow Mk2 VW Scirocco definitely was heard before being seen.


Anyway, this morning I spotted Performance VW Magazine on the rack, so as you do I had a quick flick through the pages and behold I see the Berg Mk1 Golf and then Jordy’s Scirocco. I turned over the page and there is Sambo with the Lupo and Paul in the Scirocco! It’s a brilliant write up about GTi International and a great result for ADE Tuning to get four photos of the cars we tune and map in the article.

ADE Tuning Performance VW mag

ADE Tuning Performance VW Mag Berg golf

ADE Tuning Performance VW mag Paul Jordan

ADE Tuning Performance VW mag Paul Bargate

ADE Tuning Performance VW Mag 600bhp Lupo