Remaps in Lancashire

Custom Remaps

Each one of our maps are completely custom and written solely in our own workshop, this means we can tune each map to your vehicle and personal requirements. We don’t do ‘generic remaps’ or ‘plug in and play remaps’ as we want to designate the appropriate amount of time ensuring the custom remap is as good as it can be.Our prices may appear higher than some other tuning companies but we believe that you get what you pay for and unlike many other tuning companies out there, we always dyno the vehicle to ensure there are no underlying issues and also to see what power the vehicle is already producing.
Each vehicle we remap will respond differently to the numerous adjustments made when being remapped and this is why each vehicle will produce slightly different results even if they have the same engine specification etc. The differences in results can be dependent on the health of the engine, turbo etc. but we always aim to create the best possible remap for the vehicle without taking the vehicle outside its safe limits.

Remaps Lancashire at ADE TUNING

Remaps in Lancashire at ADE TUNING.

ADE TUNING offer custom remaps in Lancashire for your sports, performance, track or race car. With customers from rally teams and race competitors to 1/4 mile drag stars, ADE TUNING is the North West’s leading tuner offering performance remaps. We only use the best equipment available to fine tune your sports or performance car or get the most miles per gallon if that’s what you require.

Custom Bespoke Remaps at ADE TUNING

We have our own in house 1200bhp 2WD Dynocom rolling road.. no speeding around the public roads in your car with a laptop balanced on the passenger seat like some do!

Why not take advantage of our MONEY BACK POWER RUN? For just £50 we will do 3 Power Runs with your car on our 1200bhp Dynocom rolling road and if you decide to book your car in for a full REMAP we will refund the £50 Power Run fee!

Rolling road dyno remaps in Lancashire North West

See our Prices page here. We are also approved fitters of Milltek exhaust systems, why not look to improve your car’s breathing at the same time as your remap? Need to know more or book your car in for a REMAP?

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