What is ESL? 

esl board ADE Tuning

ESL is a live mapping system for pre 99 Subaru Imprezas.

Feature List (Not Exhaustive):

Suitable for all turbocharged Imprezas

Only option for Legacy RSB/GTB

Only option for AT Forester

MAF/MAFless load switchable in software

User Switchable Maps (Full, not offsets)

Closed Loop Knock Control

Closed Loop Idle

Injector overrun cut off

Software fully windows integrated, modern, object oriented, multi-threaded, live updates.

Factory drive quality out of the box.

Comprehensive closed loop knock control.

3D boost mapping – no boost controller required.

Can be remapped to incorporate further modifications.

Full OEM Diagnostic control codes.

International dealer support network.

Standard hot and cold start compensations.

Closed loop narrowband lambda control (idle and light cruise).

No additional harness

All Sensors and actuators exposed, will work with any specification

Installation Service availableMotorsport features to follow: ALS, LC, Flat Shift