Hydra Engine Management Systems (Hydra EMS)

Nemesis 2.7 Specification

hydra ems ADE Tuning

• Extruded Aluminum Enclosure
• Plug and Play With 5 New stages w/ upgradeable Capabilities
• Firmware Field Upgradeable (no need to send ecu back for upgrades)
• Dual Motorola CAN Enabled Processors with Onboard CAN Bus Capability* (Run external dashes and tune at same time and connection to our Upcoming CAN Expansion Box )
• The 2.7 will have capability to configure for additional sensors as inputs*
• Endless combinations of 2D and 3D outputs (Staged injection, intercooler spray, water spray, turbo timer, shift light, VTEC, fuel pump, etc…)
• Windows programmable Software w/ Direct Serial cable Connection(including Win7)
• Uses All Factory Sensors (Might need additional sensors, e.g.: 1990 to 1993 Miata will need air temp sensor and knock sensor)
• Retains all factory functions (ie. Purge, boost control, AC, Intercooler spray, Tach, etc…)
• 256K Onboard Data logging (does not require laptop)
• Password Protection for Intellectual Property
• Drive By Wire Throttle control
• Fuel map 32 by 32 grid styled
• Ignition Map 32 by 32 grid styled
• Quad Variable 3D Cam Control with Dual Maps 32 by 32 grid styled (VTC/AVCS/VVTi/Vanos)
• Aux 3D Fuel and Ignition Map 32 by 32 Grid Styled with switched input (For Dry NOS or Race Gas)

Hydra EMS ADE Tuning • Multiple Anti-lag Fuel and Timing Maps with Switched Input**
• Idle Speed ( Both Solenoid and Stepper Types and Drive by Wire Throttles)
• Multiple Starting Compensation maps
• Multiple Acceleration and Deceleration Enrichment
• Wideband O2 Air/fuel Long and Short term Control
• Continuous Closed Loop Long Term Trim Air / Fuel Correction 32 by 32 Grid Style (requires Optional software upgrade and NTK L2H2 Wideband Oxygen Sensor)
• Programmable Closed Loop Knock Control
• Definable Knock Control (two setting amplification with definable threshold) with adjustable fuel compensation.
• Check Engine Light Control
• built-in 3 bar map sensor replaces all MAF or AFM with Speed Density for up to 45psi(up to 75psi with optional map sensor upgrade)
• Full Sequential Fuel injection and Ignition control for up to 8 cylinders
• Drives all types of injectors without the need of a ballast box (peak & hold and Saturated)
• Individual Fuel Injector Trim and Timing Trim
• Injector Phasing
• Coolant temperature and Air Temperature correction for Fuel, Timing and Boost.
• Soft-Cut and Hard-Cut Rev Limits
• Gear Correction for Fuel, Timing and Boost
• Electronic Boost Control with boost Limit
• Expanded 2-step launch control
• Backup Spark map strategy when excessive lean condition or  detonation is detected
• Barometric Compensation for normally aspirated cars(with optional 1 bar map sensor)
*Additional Sensor Calibration and CAN Bus is enabled for Stage 5 Epsilon ECU , optional for all other 4 stages
**May require Additional Hardware, e.g. Idle Bypass valve, etc…