Better Towing with ADE Tuning

Towing a caravan and want more power? Fed up of having to change up and down the gearbox all the time because your car or van needs a bit more oomph?

Better towing with a remap

ADE Tuning can remap your car or van with a custom remap that will increase the BHP and torque for extra towing power.

Whether you are looking for a remap for towing a caravan, a trailer or a horse box by simply remapping your car or van your journey and drive will be more comfortable.

ADE Tuning towing a trailer



With an ADE Tuning custom remap for towing we can optimise the power and torque to the low to mid range rpm. You will gain enhanced throttle response, less flat spots and a smoother power delivery resulting in less gear changes. This, in turn means your vehicle requires less fuel to travel the same distance and save you money on fuel.


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Prices from only £299