Save money on fuel with a economy remapDo you want to save money on fuel and make your car or van more economical and increase the mpg? Save money today on fuel with ECONOMAP

Save money on fuel! Who doesn’t want to save money on fuel? In these times of ever increasing fuel prices we are all looking for ways to save money on fuel and our motoring expenses. Whether you are an individual, a business owner or a fleet manager ADE Tuning’s own ECONOMAP can help reduce your fuel bill! Not only that, but a ADE Tuning ECONOMAP can help you save the planet with reduced emissions!

How does it work?

Save money on fuel with ECONOMAP… Every ECONOMAP is unique to your vehicle. ADE Tuning’s technicians will construct a bespoke map solely for your vehicle. By optimising power and torque to the low to mid range rpm, you will gain enhanced throttle response, less flat spots and a smoother power delivery resulting in less gear changes. This, in turn means your vehicle requires less fuel to travel the same distance and save you money on fuel.

What can I expect?

Well here’s an example of fuel savings for the popular VW 1.9TDi engine..Save money on fuel - economap mpg table
*Fuel cost based on 20k miles per year and average fuel price of £134.9 per litre.

With a ECONOMAP engine remap you can expect:

• Improved economy and more miles per gallon
• Improved CO2 emissions
• A more responsive engine
• Smoother, more linear power delivery
• Improved acceleration for safer overtaking

Turbo Diesel
• Up to 40% more Power
• Up to 40% more Torque
• Enhanced throttle response
• Removal of flat spots
• Improved fuel economy

 Turbo Petrol
• Up to 30% more Power
• Up to 35% more Torque
• Enhanced throttle response
• Removal of flat spots
• Improved fuel economy

 Non-turbo Petrol
• Up to 10% more Power
• Up to 10% more Torque
• Removal of flat spots
• Improved fuel economy

What other services do ADE Tuning offer to make my car more economical?

We also offer RPM & Maximum Speed Limiters… To obtain the very best in fuel economy savings ADE Tuning are able to insert rpm and maximum speed limiters. The driver then utilises the low down torque that the diesel engine produces and changes gear at a lower rpm allowing even better economy gains to be achieved.
• Prevents the driver from cruising at high speeds, in turn saving fuel.
• Prevents the driver from hard driving, typically limited to 3k rpm, saving fuel and wear on other components such as tyres and brakes.
• Increases engine longevity through more sedate driving.
• Further reduces overall CO2 output.

Can you afford a ADE Tuning ECONOMAP?

Can you afford not to? With prices from just £250 for a bespoke ECONOMAP tailored for you and your vehicle you will see the gains immediately with your initial outlay returned in just months from all the savings a ADE Tuning ECONOMAP will bring. Book yours today..

Are you a business owner or fleet manager with multiple vehicles?
Why not take advantage of our special rates offered for volume purchases. The more vehicles you use or own, the bigger the savings to be had, you’d be mad not to!

Still not convinced? See what martin Lewis from has to say here

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