Renault Megane 250 RenaultSport

Renault Megane 250RS

megane-rs-250 ade tuning remap

Renaultsport models have built up a strong following in the UK among car enthusiasts and the Renaultsport Megane 250 is the most notable to date. Part of its appeal is the option of a track-focused model using what Renault calls a ‘cup chassis’. But customers can also choose a model with more luxury features as standard and a slightly softer set-up. The coupé bodystyle suits the Renaultsport’s sporty features and like the rest of the Megane range, the interior quality feels like it has stepped up.

With 250bhp tucked neatly under the bonnet this Megane is serious competition to the VW Golf and Ford Focus RS hence a visit to ADE Tuning for a custom remap. As with all our custom remaps the car is strapped onto the dyno to see what power it is already producing, the Megane 250RS pulled 230bhp. Not quite what we were expecting 😕 On with the custom remap…
With the custom remap written we did a few more runs but something didn’t feel quite right, so we did a bit of investigation under the bonnet. What we found surprised the customer. He had recently asked a friend the fit a recirculation valve but unbeknown to either of them it had been fitted the wrong way round 🙁 hence the 230bhp originally.

With the recirculation valve fitted the correct way and the custom remap we achieved 309bhp and a very, very happy customer 😀

Renault Megne 250RS ade tuning remap