Renault Trafic with Hybrid Turbo

Renault Trafic with Hybrid Turbo, DPF Delete and custom remap

We first saw this Renault Trafic when the owner came down for a power run on our rolling road. He wanted to see what power it was making as he felt it quite quick. When we ran the van on the rolling road it made standard power. That’s when the owner enquired about a remap. We custom remapped the Renault Trafic on the rolling road and improved the standard 112bhp to a respectable 149bhp.

The van responded and drove fantastically after the remap. We thought we had seen the last of the owner 😉

Little did we know that 149bhp in a Renault Trafic isn’t good enough when you are being overtaken by VW T5 on the motorway, so he returned to find out if he could get any more power out of his van. The answer was yes, the van still had the dpf fitted and by deleting that we could increase the bhp. He then asked about the turbo and could we do anything with it. We hadn’t had any experience with the turbo from the Trafic so we contacted our Turbo Guy to find out what could be done.

Brilliant news he could hybrid the turbo!

The van was booked in for the turbo to be hybridized. The dpf deleted and the egr valve blanked off before being custom remapped again.

It was tight squeeze removing the turbo and soon as we got it off it was sent over to our Turbo Guy. Whilst the turbo was being worked on we performed the dpf delete and blanked off the egr valve.

With the hybrid turbo fitted back into the engine bay the Renault Trafic headed back over to the rolling road for the new custom remap.

*DPF delete is only recommended for race and track cars