Rolling Road Checklist

With the Unphased Rolling Road only a few weeks away I thought that it would be a good idea to get a few basic points together to help ensure that you and your car are ready for the day.

rolling road checklist ADE Tuning
Please ensure that you arrive with a tank full of fuel, the nearest petrol station is only down the road off the mini roundabout opposite Uncle Jacks Pub. Fill your tank with the grade of fuel that you intend to use the majority of time. This is very important if you are having your car remapped as the tuner will map your car to that grade of fuel.

Check liquid levels ADE Tuning
Check that your oil and coolant are at the correct levels and most importantly check that there are no leaks! If you are not as happy as this guy they probably need topping up 😉


Whilst you are under the bonnet checking your liquid levels, have a good look at the coolant hoses and the radiator to make sure they are in a good condition as they will be put to the test whilst on the rolling road. That also goes for any boost pipes if your engine is pressure charged.

Check your throttle linkages in your car too, you want it to be able to reach full throttle and have a look at your sparkplugs and HT leads. Are your tyres at the right pressure and is the tread good enough?

And finally…

If your car looks this low it is cool but it won’t get on the rolling road 😀 So it maybe a good idea to raise it up and also if you have a low spoiler to remove it. rolling road ADE Tuning