As with any filter, they ‘filter out’ or trap particles. In the case of the DPF it is the harmful diesel exhaust soot particles. This means they have to be emptied regularly to maintain performance. The DPF needs to be cleaned regularly and this is done through a process called regeneration. This can be done by either active, passive or forced regeneration. Basically the accumulated soot is burnt off at high temperature (around 600°c) leaving only a residue of ash. This is effectively renewing or regenerating the filter, ready to take on more pollution from the engine.

Why does my Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) block

Every vehicle type and engine combination can have differing reasons as to why the filter blocks. The rate of particulates generated by the engine, the quality of the fuel, quality of the oil, driving style, even the location of the DPF in the exhaust system can all contribute to the filter blocking or not regenerating fully.

Generally, the problems arise in around town stop/ start driving where the regeneration process might not complete. A warning light will appear or a message indicating the DPF is full displays on the dash. Continuing to drive in the same manner and the soot build up will increase until other warning lights illuminate and the vehicle will go into ‘limp’ mode, where driving speed is restricted.

And this is what had happened to the Vauxhall Insignia. No longer would the DPF regenerate even after a forced regenerate at all. As a result of this the car had gone that badly into limp mode that it had to be recovered to the workshop.

DPF Solution from ADE Tuning

With the DPF removed from the exhaust system it was clear to see how badly this filter was. It was absolutely caked in soot and this was the reason that the car had to gone in to limp mode. With the DPF no longer an issue the ecu of the Vauxhall Insignia was reprogrammed with our DPF solution software.

The car was rebuilt back up and an full oil and filter service performed. It is important to change the oil and the oil filter as a blocked DPF filter can cause diesel to end up in the oil.

It now drives like it should all thanks to ADE Tuning DPF Solution 🙂

Are you having issues with your DPF?

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You will remember this stunning Audi TTRS from a previous blog when we fitted a Milltek decat down pipe before it went over to the rolling road for a custom remap. Well the front pads where running pretty low so that could only mean one thing.

Time to up grade to some performance pads 😉 Well it is always good to be able to stop!

After pricing up replacement pads with Audi, the owner decided that the Yellowstuff where cheaper and would work better with his driving style.

EBC Brakes – Yellowstuff

The Yellowstuff pads are EBC’s premium Fast Road brake pad. With a huge heat range you will benefit by a fantastic bite from cold and high temperatures without brake fade.

These pads are perfect for occasional track days due to the effectiveness under high temperatures and the bite from cold which cannot be said for other race materials.

Making them the ideal choice for the Audi TTRS.

We have fitted EBC Brakes to a few of our customers cars, whether they have been for the road or track.

To see what EBC Brakes would be suited to your car and your drive get in touch


Could ADE Tuning remap produce a better drive than a Revo remap?

This 160bhp 1.4tsi Vw scirocco had been previously been mapped by Revo but the owner wasn’t happy with how the engine was performing and got in touch with ADE Tuning for a custom remap. He had fitted an air intake and a GFB dumpvalve.

As with all our remaps we ran the Scirocco on the rolling road to see what figures the Revo map made, 195bhp with 220ft/lb torque, not bad gains for the 160bhp car.

We then put a standard file on to the ecu and ran it again before writing our own custom file to suit.

207bhp with 250ft/lb torque 🤗

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This stunning VW Scirocco booked in to ADE Tuning for a custom remap. The owner had owned the car for quite a while and decided to get a remap rather than buying a new car.

The 2.0l petrol Scirocco as a standard car will pull 200bhp on the rolling road. As with all our remaps we ran the car to check it was making standard power and that it had no issues. Making 205bhp we had no doubts that this was a good strong engine.

With the car strapped to the rolling road we began the remap process. We run the car whist we write the ecu files to monitor how the car reacts. This is also good as the customer can see the progress the their car whilst sat in the dyno viewing area.

Once we reach a figure that we are happy with we take the car out for a test drive. We always remap our cars within a safe parameter whilst still getting power and performance.



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Doorslammmers 2018, saw us pack up shop and headed down to Santa Pod Raceway with several of the ADE Tuning mapped drag racers. With the weather forecast sunshine it was going to be a great weekend.

Doorslammers – The Beginning

Doorslammers was first held at Santa Pod Raceway in the late 1980’s and ran into the 90’s and was held at the end of the race season. In those days the fastest Doorslammer ran for £1000 in cash.

Fast forward 20 years and we have the present day Doorslammmers event, this time with big money to be won. With seven different categories for the cars to compete in, the event certainly has some interesting cars. Saturday is the qualifying day ready for the “Head to Head” rounds on Sunday. Many of the racers use Saturday as a test day for the Sunday event.

On the Saturday evening those cars that have qualified are put into a helmet for the random pairings ready for Sunday. The two cars will go down the strip against each other and who ever crosses that finish line first wins the race. This random draw continues all the way through to the final race.

As any modified car owner will know, that weekend that you actually want to use your car for the purpose you built it for will be the weekend it decides to break. So we only actually went down with a handful of cars.

But they did us proud 🙂

At 9.30am on the Saturday the track opened for qualifying. We had cars in both the front wheel drive and the 4 cylinder category. So we set ourselves up for viewing and cheering on our guys. Thankfully all our cars made it through to qualifying.

Throughout the weekend we saw displays from the Reign of Fire Jet car, Oklahoma Willy Jet Pick-Up and the Fire force Jet car.

We saw plenty of cars and drivers achieve new PB’s and also watched the fastest Doorslammer car in Europe… All the way from Sweden is the Wulcano racing team in the Chevy Camero Blackbird. Running a 5.53 at 262mph 😲


Sunday – The Head to Head Round

Sunday Racing saw Paul Bargate, B-rookie Racing and Jordy’s names all being pulled out of the helmet for the head to head elimination round. Basically the first car to cross the finish line goes through to the next round. This saw some very random pairings and many looked like the tortoise and hare story. But as they say you can never judge a book by its cover and in this instance they were right. Paul Bargate in the only naturally aspirated car in the whole Doorslammers competition got all the way through to the semi finals. We thought it was all over when he got picked against Michael Hollerman in the Honda Civic who ran a 8.36 @161mph. The Gods must have been looking down as Hollerman’s Civic broke on the start line. This allowed Paul to go through to the semi’s.

Paul then lost out to Adrian Solly on the Audi A3 r32. Not a bad first event after coming out of retirement.