The third-generation of the Seat Leon is lighter and more economical than the car it replaces.

The five-door hatchback is based on the Volkswagen Group’s new MBQ platform. This means it also shares engines and equipment with other models in the group.

In fact, the new Leon shares 55% of its components with the new VW Golf and Audi A3.

As we do with all our rolling road remaps, we ran the car for a health check before writing the custom ecu remap file. The car was then run again to record the final bhp and torque figure.

The owner of 105bhp Seat Leon had never had a car remapped before and didn’t think that he would feel the difference. Well that was until he went out for the test drive 😀

BIG smiles on his return 😜

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This Skoda Fabia 1.9 tdi took advantage of the ADE Tuning Black Friday offer.

Great power gains can be achieved with a tdi remap.

On the rolling road after taking advantage of the ADE Tuning Black Friday Remap Deal, this Skoda fabia mk2. This 1.9 tdi engine made stand power on the pre-remap rolling road session, the custom remap took the 105bhp ŠKODA up to 146bhp with 290ft/lb torque 👍

The 1.9 tdi was a limited production car in the MK2 Skoda Fabia. It left the factory without a dpf which makes it an ideal candidate for remapping.

The diesel 1.9 Skoda Fabia not only goes quicker now but will drive better through the gears and when driven in a “sensible” manner the mpg will improve with the tdi remap. Which in this economic climate, along with the ever changing cost of diesel can only be a winner.

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This Honda Civic Type R is the pride and joy of the owner Mark. We previously remapped it using Hondata in 2015 and the usually 198bhp Honda made 222bhp on the rolling road 🙂

Now Mark got used to power and started looking for ways to give his car more horses under the bonnet. After a lot of research Mark decided on a Tts performance tuning supercharger kit. The order was made and the wait for the kit started.

Mark arrived at the workshop with two big boxes and his car, leaving us to install the kit with a bit of fabrication before the car headed over to the rolling road.


Now pulling 337bhp, this Honda Civic Type R is mental to drive 😍

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BLACK FRIDAY REMAPS 2017 – A one day offer!



Well Black Friday only happens once a year and this year we are offering OBD custom remaps for £249. This rolling road remap will come with a printout of the power made too!

ADE Tuning are offering OBD remaps on standard, non-modified cars for only £249. All you have to do is pay a non-refundable £50 deposit to claim this offer. You then have until the 31st January to redeem your custom remap with a rolling road print out. This could make the perfect Christmas present to your loved one or even just to your car 😉

You have until 5pm on Friday the 24th November 2017 to get this offer, so pick up the phone and get in touch with us today!!!

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Audi RS6 Remap and Milltek Package


Audi RS6 Remap and Milltek Sport Cat Back

With only 80 miles on the clock this Audi Rs6 came to ADE Tuning for a Milltek Sports non-resonated cat back exhaust system before being custom remapped to 744bhp.

ade tuning, audi rs6, remap, milltek exhaust, 730bhp package, audi rs6 remap

ADE Tuning now offer a package deal which incorporates a Milltek Sport cat back (either resonated or non-resonated) with a custom written remap to produce 730bhp.

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