Doorslammers 2019 saw hundred and ninety-nine cars entered, a record number for the event. The front wheel drive entry list was closed early due to the vast amount of drag cars that had been entered. With cars and drivers coming from all over Europe, this weekend was going to be EPIC!

Doorslammers 2019 was a brilliant opportunity to see some of the mixture of ADE Tuning mapped drag cars in one place. Most compete within the car group of manufacturer i.e. Carl with Rusty Bullet (Vauxhall Astra GTE) and Ian with that Crazy Corsa where recently down at the Performance Vauxhall Show. The team headed down very early on the Friday morning ready for FWD qualifying and also RWYB (run what you’ve brung) so they could get use to the track and check their cars.


Rob Garvey – VW Golf VR6T
Paul Hughes – Hillman Imp with Toyota MR2 turbo
Paul Jordan – VW Polo 1.8 20vt
Ian Milne – Vauxhall Corsa C20LET
Carl Hartley – Vauxhall Astra GTE C20LET
Mike Whittaker – VW MK1 Caddy VR6T


With the cars entered across four of the seven categories everyone was well prepared or a least they thought so 😉

Carl broke Rusty Bullets clutch on the Friday. BUT managed to get a clutch sent down to Santa Pod for replacement on the Saturday. Then broke the replacement!

Sadly Ian broke an inner cv boot and couldn’t get a replacement. Jordy set off too early on his race which set off the red light which was an automatic elimination. Rob was doing well until he was paired against a Mustang and changed from 3rd to 1st 🤔 Mike in the Caddy got through to semi finals and got knocked out coming 4th 🏆🏁

Everyone had a cracking weekend even though the weather gods didn’t play ball on the Saturday.

And will we be back for Doorslammers 2020??



Drag racing Vauxhall Corsa C

A 668bhp Vauxhall Corsa C?

Check out Ian in the ADE Tuning mapped Vauxhall Corsa C as he heads down the strip at Santa Pod Raceway.

Ian, driving as cool as cucumber, made a new PB at the Performance Vauxhall show of 10.42 at 135mph.

The Spec…

C20let engine block forge low compression Wossner pistons
Steel H beam rods
Modified crank bearings LEH oil pump
Billet crank pulley
Modified gm cylinder head double valve springs custom high lift cam shafts
Vernier cam pulleys
tdo6ls2 25g 10.5 Mitsubishi turbo with custom Evo manifold with 3.5″ front bumper exit exhaust
Custom made inlet manifold with 3″ v6 throttle body
900cc injectors with updated Evo fuel rail all controlled by DTA engine management
Wizards of noz wet nitrous oxide system with just a 30hp shot
Large front mounted intercooler

Getrad 4×4 gear box with fwd conversion plate modified shift strikers updated syncro and a Quaife differential
Helix twin plate 12 paddle clutch with helix flywheel and heavy duty bearing

2002 Corsa c striped out with roll cage fibre glass bonnet, doors, tailgate with poly carbonate windows 1 seat with 4 point racing harness.



This weekend saw us head down to Santa Pod Raceway for VW Action. We convoyed down with Jordy and his 750bhp+ VW Polo. Although the journey took longer than expected we arrived at Santa Pod Raceway and drove straight through to the pits.

The campsites and pits where already full of air cooled and water cooled Vdubs. It was quite a sight to see 🙂

There is no racing on the Friday so this gave us time to give the VW Polo a last check over before we went for a walk around the pits to see the competition. VW Action gets a lot of cars attending from Europe, with 1200bhp VW Polo parked up next to a 360bhp VW Beetle, it really is a mix of power.

Friday night consisted of BBQ-ing before we headed down to Fuelers Bar to check out the live music. After a bit of a dance we headed back to the pits for an early night, as tomorrow we where drag racing.


Throughout Saturday the cars headed down the strip to see if they could make some new PB’s. We saw and felt the jet car which did a 5.37 @281mph!!!

Any water cooled car that came in under 14 seconds on the strip could enter the night races. The air cooled was under 18 seconds. The strip closed at 4pm in preparation for the night racers.

With the cars lined up they began to head down the strip and on the last run for the night Jordy had a mishap. His rear calliper became stuck, breaking off and getting wedged in the wheel. This locked the car up and sent him into the wall. Luckily he had past the finish line and was only travelling at 40mph. His safety gear did the trick and he walked away scratch free, where as the front of his car will need some tlc.