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DTAfast designs and manufactures engine management systems for spark ignition engines intended for use in competition vehicles. All their systems can be installed and mapped here at ADE Tuning and are very competitively priced. The systems are designed to be fitted to almost any engine. Usually on a modern engine the existing crankshaft and other sensors can be reused. If this is not the case then DTAfast provide a full range of temperature sensors, crankshaft sensors and wheels, pressure sensors, etc.

DTAfast systems are in constant use worldwide and countless competition successes have been recorded from club to professional motorsport, including motorcycling, jetski and snowmobile racing. A number of multi-national motor manufacturers use these systems for longevity testing of their engine components because of their transparent ease of use and their ability to stress an engine outside its normal operating envelope.

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DTA ECU tuning, vw corrado, ade tuning

Arriving with only a base map this VW Corrado came to us to be set up on the dyno. The 25 year old car, the pride and joy to the owner, had originally been a 1.8 16v but as you will find in the Volkswagen community cars don’t tend to stay the same spec 😉 . Very soon a labour of love was born and the Corrado was being modified.

After spending many, many weekends and evenings sourcing and fitting his parts to the car it eventually came time to chose what engine management to run. There are several aftermarket engine management systems available and our customer chose to go with DTA S60 pro. DTA Pro have several levels of engine management to suit all needs and budgets.

With the car on the dyno we began to read the base map on the car and started the fine art of tuning ensure that the timing and fuel are at an optimum level. With a budget set on how long we could spend on the car we did our upmost best to make sure the car ran safely and most importantly it was reliable. There is still work to do on this car and ecu and the customer will return when funds permit.

The Spec

  • DTA S60 Pro ECU
  • 2l ABF engine
  • 1.8 exhaust cam
  • Performance inlet cam
  • Knife edged crank
  • Mercedes SLK 230 supercharger
  • Audi S3 inlet manifold
  • Audi TT fuel rail
  • 440cc injectors
  • Lightweight lifters
  • Oil cooler
  • Twin core radiator
  • Intercooler
  • LSD
  • 4 branch manifold
  • Janspeed exhaust
  • 4 branch manifold
  •  Short shifter
  • KR 1.8 flywheel
  • VR6 clutch
  • G60 front brakes
  • Coilovers

The Results

VW CORRADO dta ecu s60, ade tuning