GTi International 2016 – Drag Car ‘v’ Shed


GTi International 2016

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This year at GTi International 2016 was the first time that the ADE Tuning mapped VW Scirocco driven by Paul Jordan went head to head against a shed!

Yes you read that right a shed!

A shed built around a 2.8 v6 VW Passat, the fastest it had been down the strip previously had been 18.5 seconds

Giving the shed at 8.5 second lead, it seemed like an eternity as Paul waited for the lights to turn green. As soon as they did the Scirocco sped off down the quarter mile strip and was very quickly passing the shed. As the Scirocco crossed the finish line you kind of felt sorry for Nick in the Shed. But for a Shed to be able to do quater mile as fast as it did was fun to see. Watch the footage below…

Next time Nick you might want to take the lawn mower out of the back.